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Week 1 (June 1-June 7) 

Sidcup, London, UK


London often met or exceeded New York's murder rate.  And as of late the violence had seemingly increased.  Foreshadow hadn't brought in any of the members of Vanguard into his latest investigation.  They were great at what they did, but his cohorts didn't spend as much time in the underworld's underbelly as he did.  And that was how he liked it.  Plus asking Dee to watch even half as many UK Drill videos as he did would not make for good dinner conversation.


The current investigation wasn't over a stabbing or even the rare murder mile shooting.  Foreshadow found himself in London to investigate an arson.  Not the first arson he had investigated in London.  But, having lost his own parents to a pyromaniac criminal he was often drawn too fires.  That was once he got over his fear of them early in his hero career. 


The police report said this happened as a result of a fight with me.  Last time I was even near this part of outer London…no it wasn’t a super I was after.  Guy Thin Tony.  He had no powers.  Just a gang of misled kids.


It didn’t add up.  He was sure at a glance if he had taken anything back to the lab to investigate the fire would’ve started around then.  But, then why didn’t he see anything?  And why were there reports of him fighting a fire control using super nearby.


Honestly, if he didn’t know better, he would think someone was recreating the events that led to him becoming an orphan. As some sort of sick taunt.  Sidcup was full of newlyweds and nearly outs.  Gang activity existed, but the resources needed to hire a villain.  Well there weren’t any big players in town.  And the Ministry had easy access to records on all of the local cults.  He didn’t have the political leanings of those who would’ve voted for Thatcher.  But, as a result of Thatcher’s paranoia of her enemies, the English authorities had a lock on its cult activity.  Nothing went unseen.


Nothing, but what really happened here two weeks ago.  When a building was set ablaze near a hero who wasn’t there.  At least not there with the sort of villain who could’ve started this fire.  Then there was that nagging feeling in the back of his head like he was being watched.   A feeling that was more haunting for a hero with precognitive senses.


Just what the hell is going on?  I might have to ask Dee to do little forensics for me.  Foreshadow bent down to one knee and pulled out an evidence bag.  Slowly collecting pieces of burnt debris, before returning to his scene examination.  Next would be pictures, but it was clear where the structural damage first occurred.  At the base of the stairs...


"Just like when you were a kid, right?  But you would’ve noticed the fire before I started am I right?”  A gruff voice called out from the top of the stairwell.  Foreshadow snapped his head up only to recognize the familiar face of his foster brother.  Elliott Allen, agent of UNISON, and former costumed hero by the name of Elite.  “Well hurry up, you won’t believe what you’ll find up here.

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