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Demigodesses and Monsters

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Week 1 (June 1-June 7) 

Havana, Cuba


Cuba and Atlantis had a long-standing peaceful relationship.  To the point that in the UN it could be argued that Cuba was on of Atlantis’ strongest supporters.  While the kingdom of Atlantis argued that this relationship was formed during WWII, when Cuba was a staunch ally against Sea-Wolf.  To the point of providing King Thallor direct aid in saving Siren towards the end of the war.  Outside observers were quick to criticize that the underwater kingdom’s isolationist tendencies kept it blind to the fact that Cuba was not the same country that fought against German fascism.


Due to this relationship, Princess Thaelia of the House of Atlan was given carte blanche to enter the country for supplies.  As she occasionally did when visiting her hideaway in the Milwaukee Deep.  The Cuban media would often use her presence to reignite the idea that there was a secret Atlantean city nearby protecting the country.


While the idea was not shrouded in truth.  There was actually once upon a time a Deep One colony that lived nearby.  At least until Sea Wolf slaughtered the lot as part of his plot to sacrifice Siren to dark gods and return his humanity.  A plot that cost him his life as the Sea King struck him down and buried him alive


“How has your stay been?”  Ana Lucia asked Thaelia.  Ana-Lucia Ramos was in her mid-twenties.  A veteran in the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, and current presidential aide.  She was Glamazon’s guide on the island nation, a role that had been assigned three years ago upon her initial visit.  Ana-Lucia was a muscular woman whose entire air was otherwise warm and inviting.  Aside from the occasional whispered comment, it was clear why she was chosen to “babysit” the visiting royal.


Thaelia was accompanied by half a dozen soldiers and Ana-Lucia Ramos.  “It has been most pleasant.  Much as I have come to expect.”  Thaelia answered loudly.  The group had just left the market.  Thaelia was dressed in turquoise armored garbs.  One hand was carrying a trunk full of her spoils.  The soldiers made no motion to take the trunk from her.  Which was filled enough that more than one of them would be required to even haul it in the first place.


“Your highness are you ready to depart?  Or is there more to the city you wish to see?”  Ana-Lucia asked.  Making sure to speak loud enough that she could be overheard as nearby watchers crowded by.  Some of which where loudly playing music.  The occasional loo by Ana-Lucia giving an implication that the musical spectacle was prearranged.


“I believe this will be all.”  The soldiers, then wasted no time in leading the Atlantean princess into an armored SUV.   One that would realistically provide them more protection than it provided her.  But, this way they could avoid her leaping from roof to roof as she originally suggested.


The SUV steadily progressed en route to the docks until Ana Lucia looked out the window and suddenly shouted.  “Bájate!”  Immediately leaping to cover Glamazon.  Not that she made it before the explosion rocked the side of the SUV.  Sending it tumbling over.

Once the vehicle stopped rolling, Glamazon kicked the entire roof off the vehicle.  Wasting little time, she would begin dragging the unconscious passengers out.  Frantically looking around. 


“Who dares challenge the daughter of the seas to combat!  Show thyself vile fiend and receive the gift of battle!”  Thaelia screamed into the air.  But the princess received no retort.  The only response lingering in the air were the sounds of sirens and screaming as the soldiers failed to escort the princess to safety.  Let alone budge her from her current location...

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