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Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey


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West Gables Housing Unit, Pi Epsilon Delta Sorority. Saturday, August 17th, 2019. 8:04 am


Despite it's reputation as a 'serious' sorority, PED was still part of Greek life, which meant the occasional party. And sometimes, these parties involved alcohol.


Rather a lot of it, really.


Everyone on the unit knew Casey Blankenship was hopelessly square, and they kind of loved her for it. Sure, she'd drink the occasional beer, but it never seemed to get her the slightest bit tipsy. But everyone also knew she never hogged the bathroom, always made a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, and would be the first girl to hold back your hair if you had to puke. And she was forgiving, endlessly forgiving. It was like a superpower.


This Saturday morning after a major basketball victory, the blonde heroine tiptoed out of her room in her bathrobe, shower bag over one arm, quiet as a ninja out of respect to her hungover sisters. She was just passing the doorway to the common room when she heard unfamiliar snoring on one of the couches, and Casey knew how all her sisters sounded in their sleep. Her interest piqued, she floated into the room, quiet as a church mouse, her sandaled feet less than an inch above the floor.


Peering through her glasses, her hair pulled up into a topknot on top of her head, she leaned down to whisper. 



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Jessica had no idea how she got here. There were fleeting memories of meeting up with someone who knew someone throwing a party at a Greek place. Sweet. Free booze and some fun times. And even though she did have quite a ride with the crowd - she taught some a few dance moves that would get them in the door of any club if they needed the money - it was short, rocky, and riddled with short amounts of not remembering things. Phew.


She and another girl, a dark skinned beauty, were cuddled on the couch sleeping soundly. That peacefulness was interrupted when she heard a whisper. The kind of whisper that breaks your dreams up by being in them. A quiet formless girl whispering greetings? Dreams were weird. Jessica returned to the world of the woke, seeing a cute blonde girl in glasses, floating above her. Luckily she and her partner were still dressed. For the blonde's sake at least.


"Yeah," she spoke a question with a yawn. Whispering as the blonde girl, only to not wake the dark skinned girl. Jessica scooted from under the blanket, placing it on the still sleeping girl. Rubbing her eyes, she yawned, confused. And also hungry. The smell of this place definitely made her hungry. "Sorry, where are we," she shook the sleep off of her, combing through her frazzled hair.

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"Uh, well, you're in a sorority for starters," Casey began, looking around. Noticing the other girl under the bedding, she adjusted her glasses. "Oh, are you one of Lola's friends? She said some of them might be coming by." She sighed, looking down at her bathrobe. "Tell you what, give me ten minutes to shower and get ready, and I can make us all some breakfast, okay? And I'll make a pot of coffee." Now somewhat less concerned about noise, she softly padded off to wash up; this was a relatively fast procedure for the heroine, mostly limited by the speed at which the drops of water came out of the showerhead.


In significantly less than ten minutes (there was a weird whoosh of air at some point; probably an issue with the air conditioning), the journalism major returned from the direction she'd gone, now wearing a grey sweatshirt and a pair of sleepy pants. "If you ladies wish to follow me, we can get started." Her tone was cheerful, like parody of a tour guide.

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A sorority, huh? This was the first time she'd been to the female side of Greek life. Not that going to these little get-togethers was a normal occurrence. Just that frats were wilder and more energetic. A tangent, she thought about getting Jack into college. It would be a wise idea and, well, potentially be fun.


She didn't know this Lola, but the name caught her attention of another. Maybe it was the same one? Probably not. She almost said something, but it came out as a stretch and a yawn. Before she could answer, there was a promise of breakfast. Not like she was going to say no to that. "Sure, sure." Blinking a bit, the blonde was gone? Maybe she was still hazed, but the girl was quick.


While the blonde was doing her business in the shower, the dark skinned girl woke up just barely enough to notice Jessica. The confused look on the girl followed by the recovering her face amused Jessica. They learned each others names through small talk. This was Crystal. light chit chat and Crystal was OK, if a little bit hungover. At least she didn't scare the poor girl away.


The two bundled up under the blanket as the air conditioner went on the fritz. Not that Jessica needed it, it was just fun. But soon, the blonde - Casey, she remembered finally - was here to deliver on the promised breakfast. This time more awake, Jessica grinned and pulled Crystal up as she got up. "Nice. So this is a sorority, huh," she said following Casey, "always wondered what went on in these 'hallowed' halls."

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