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Vibora Bay PCs


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Vibora Bay is getting imported from the Champions universe into our Freedomverse.


Lots of people have lots of ideas for their Vibora-based PCs.


Why don't you all write down your plan here, as much of it as you have, so we can avoid doubling up?


EDIT: Here's the sheets I've seen so far. I'm replacing links to the Character Building forum with links to the Character Bank as characters get officially submitted.


Vibora Bay Defenders:

Cheval: PL12 Powerhouse. Colossus, but instead of being a mutant, he's being ridden by a loa. Boxer turned local celebrity. Vibora native. Age: 29.

Persephone: PL10 Plant Controller / Social Expert. Empowered by an alien symbiote. Psychiatrist. Neo-Southern Belle. Vibora native. Age: 30.

Speed-Demon: PL10 Fire Controller / Speedster. Also being ridden by a loa. Courier. New Orleans transplant. Age: 25.


Independent Heroes:

The Dragoneer & Niro Saki: PL10 dragon-themed flying firepower with a martial artist sidekick. World famous pro-wrestler, rock star, and action hero. Ages: 38 & 39.

The Immutable Betsy Brooks: PL10 Powerhouse. Half-vampire. Monster hunter. Elsa Bloodstone meets Blade. British expatriate with dual-citizenship. Age: 35.

El Sagrado Corazon: PL10 Mind Controller / Social Expert without the mind reading. If Jesse Custer were a Latino circuit boy. Mexican refugee. Age: 21.

The Woodsman: PL10 Badass Normal. Swamp-Batman, with a crossbow and a utility belt full of animal urine. Interdimensional refugee. Freedom City transplant. Age: 20.



The Mirror: PL7 shapeshifting blob. Former cop turned private eye. Vibora native. Age: 52.

Torque: PL10 Robot. Mechanic. If Rei Ayanami were an Autobot instead of a clone. Vibora native. Age: 25.


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Cheval, a man that interrupted a ritual by the Mayombe and got to speak with Papa Legba, who helped him get in touch with Ogoun, becoming his cheval. Able to turn into living iron, and potentially with a number of gifts from other loa. Something of a local celebrity hero, the kind that kids run up to and give high fives. Punches bad guys with fists of iron.

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I've been kicking around the idea of an character who can teleport (and take others) to the 'crossroads', a dimension consisting of the titular mythological crossroads. Usually they use it like Nightcrawler as the intermediary travel dimension, but sometimes they perform the role of a guide to take others for a meeting with the Spirit (who could be Papa Legba, Satan, Hecate, or any other sort of liminal spirit). 

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A PL10 180/180 Ace Danger-alike, immortal adventurer with piles of gear and resources to draw on. Also penniless and sleeps on the beach. 


Florida Man, the perfect fusion of Greg Universe's bad business decisions, good family decisions and easy-going beach bum empathy and Rose Quartz's bad historical decisions and joy of life. 

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Torpedo Lass will be (when not getting into capers) working with NOAA and the Coast Guard identifying navigational hazards off the coast as well as assisting the US Navy when needed. Her Address will be in Vibora (PO Box) but she will be living off of a old oil derrick that she's converted into her home base.

And yes, she commutes by swimming. Very, very fast.

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