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Grim's got a pretty tight build right now, but an idea has occured to me. If she and Shrike break their Communication Link, making their breakup official [?], she has 1PP freed up, enough to add an AP to one of her powers. This realization reminded me of an idea I had a long time ago, Grim being able to make a single duplicate.


If we built the AP off of her Create Object, she'd have 16PP to work with, enough to make a 240PP duplicate if she keeps the Feedback flaw, which I'm fine with since it's consistent with the base power. This is only 10PP short of Grim's original build, much of which can covered by removing Feats like Benefit and Equipment that she logically wouldn't have anyway. Keeping Dimensional Pocket off the build lops off another 3PP, and makes logical sense to me, and then Duplicates can't have the Duplicate power, which saves another 1PP. I think taking one PP out of Immunity to lose Aging makes the most sense, as a Duplicate that's Sustained will never age anyway.


So this can definitely work! I think my main question would be what's the best way to write up the dupe? Spoiler text in the main page or a second simplified sheet after her main sheet, i.e. a full resubmit?

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