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Jaunt! (IC)

Moira Morley

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Scion was facing down a couple of small time super powered criminals in the West End of Freedom City. The two thieves thought they could take what they wanted in broad daylight. Some criminals never did have any sense. "Freedom City, of all places," she laughed, "you better be glad all yo got was me!" Slamming one into the other. "Fortunately your hospital stay will be short, but your jail time will be..."


Her, admittedly one sided, conversation was quickly interrupted. The two obstacles, in the blink of an eye, were now unconscious and handcuffed to boot! It "Pacer," Scion exclaimed, greeting the quick heroine, "how goes it, lady of the wind?"

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Well, handcuffed was one way to put it. They were actually relatively thin metal bars, bent into handcuff shape. Mundane human strength wasn't going to get out of them. Pacer tossed Scion a wave, and then the two criminals were no longer there. It took several seconds for her to return. Cops like to have explanations for criminals dropped on their doorstep, after all. But the tiny speedster returned. She abruptly appeared with her arms folded, leaning against a wall. "Hey, Scion. I don't do wind, you know that. Can't stay long, my brother wanted to do lunch and now I'm due in Sao Paulo. Film festival. Movie starts in..." She checked her watch. "Eight...no, seven minutes. Won't take half that to get there, but still. So how's tricks?"

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Scion smirked at the 'not the wind' part. Which was true. The cosmic girl never accessed the wind. But, well, some people have their explanations. Though those explanations gave science the middle finger. "Just call it prose then," she happily shrugged.


"Long time no see," she said as her costume disappeared in a golden flash, putting her in her normal outfit of formfitting jeans and a band tshirt. "I recently got back here from a Euro trip. Let no one tell you you have bad timing." She sighed, remembering her time with the duo, "how is Mick? Hopefully doing better than that little trip we had."

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