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Let's Do It Again (IC)

Moira Morley

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As time flowed, Moira and Estelle got... content with each other. They grew close. And that was fine for both women. But each knew they were not the settling down type. They had their love, but it was time to go their separate ways. With that, Moira caught a plane ticket to her old stomping grounds.


Freedom City was like a big palette cleanser for Moira. It was her youth tied up with everything that made the world great. Not all of it though. But then you have the power to change things in Freedom City. From the smallest to the greatest. It's the reason she always had ties here. Unfortunately some ties got looser, but she would always remember them.


First visit was to her home she always had. To check in on her father, the temple, and of course, Morleys pub. That was something she would fight for until her dying breath. Family. Even if Sean wasn't her biological father, he was her father. Ares was the type you went to when you wanted training or a fight. Sean was the one you went to when you wanted comfort and daddy's advice.


Second visit was around the West End catching up on talk and people, but mostly, she wanted to see Lynn. The friend she'd always have. Plus, perching with her was always awesome. Well, if she'd allow. Moira looked at the last text she sent to Lynn. Half spelled out 'be back next weekend, love you' followed by a few emojis. That was last year. She sighed. It was almost indicative of her to be that flighty. Still it was fun.


She sighed, shaking her head, followed by a quiet laugh. There was Lynn's door. It was Friday after hours. Knocking was purely customary, as she tried to open the door afterward. "Hey, anyone home? I brought the good stuff!"

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The door was locked, but a few seconds later, she heard a muffled voice call out from deep within the apartment.


"Moira? Is that you?"


A few seconds after that, she heard the slap of rapid barefoot footfalls approaching, and then the sliding of various chains and bolts before the door popped open to reveal the startled but still pleased face of Lynn Epstein, flawlessly beautiful as always, with her long curly hair up in a ponytail. It was clear she'd been relaxing, judging by her sleeveless Princess Jasmine T-shirt and FCU sweatpants. In an instant, she leaped onto her old friend with a crushing, full-body hug.


"Omigod, girl, how're you doin'?"

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The greeting was exactly what Moira expected. Not that she didn't want it that way. There's a reason Lynn was one of the first people she gravitated towards. Her fae friend was always welcoming. Even after that little incident with her girlfriend. Something that she didn't want to remember at the moment. Even dressed down Lynn looked radiant. Not too high fashion herself,  Moira was in her normal formfitting jeans and a tshirt sporting her favorite local band, the Vigilantes.


Moira met the ecstatic hug with one of her own, careful not to drop the box that clanked with glass. Wrapped in each other's arms, she kissed Lynn on both cheeks. A friendly, enticing greeting. Looking into her eyes, they were silent for a moment. "I've missed you," she said, partly not ignoring the question she posed her. It was an answer.


Stepping back she cleared her throat and smiled, opening the box. "I've also got cold brews and some time on my hands." She grinned, "wanna take either off me?"

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"I'd be happy to," Lynn offered as she unwound herself from her buxom friend. Looking around, it was impossible to notice a few major changes to the décor. Most of the framed concert posters were off the walls, the large wire ferret enclosure no longer dominated the corner of the living room, and the smells of patchouli and sandalwood were much fainter than usual. Noticing Moira noticing all these things, the changeling sucked air in through her teeth as she popped open two beers with her talons, then plopped into a couch.


 "Yeah, Gretchen's gone; she moved out on a trial basis last summer, and we made it official this month." She closed her eyes and shook her head. "We're over, for now; I hope maybe one day we can try it again." Then she picked up one of the beers and took a long swig.

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Of course the the old apartment looked different without Gretchen's personal effects. She got along with the girl who used to be here, but there always seemed to be a kind of competition between the two. It was all water under the bridge, hopefully. Especially if it made Lynn happy. Right now, she was here for her.


Taking a long drink from one of the brews before plopping down on the couch next to Lynn in a more relaxed position; leaning back far as she could. Though it seemed all was well on the home front, Moira couldn't help but wince when she heard that the two were 'over'. Even if just for 'now'. Sitting up, she sighed. "Yeah," she said sitting the drink down, "she was nice." Looking to Lynn with a nodding, "but you're OK for now, aren't you?" Moira didn't want to seem like some kind of vulture, swooping in and asking her friend's hospitality just after some heartache.

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Lynn shrugged and held her hand out, wagging it from side to side. "So-so. I have good days and bad days, y'know? Severing the psychic link between us was hard, but ultimately made it easier; it was like...like I stopped waiting by the phone for her to call or something. Which is funny, because now we do call each other from time to time, or text or email. Y'know, for work stuff."


She sighed, and then stopped right before she took another swig. "So what about you, where you been?"

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Moira leaned back on the couch again, letting out a small almost inaudible sigh. It was relief but also mixed with concern for her friend. She was happy that Lynn was doing better, but she would be here for her on the downers. Then again, she would always try to be there for Lynn. She was so much more than a friend to Moira.


"Well," she answered the question after a quiet moment of reflection, "last July, I hooked up with a friend of mine. Estelle is a sweet and smart girl. I think we complement each other. Much like you and me, but for different reasons," she rose her bottle, clinking it against hers. "Come November, we started travelling the world for the holidays. And we didn't stop afterwards. We visited most of the European hot spots, staying for a while." She sighed, "a few weeks ago, we started feeling, um," she quirked an eyebrow, "like we liked each other, but we wanted our space? Yeah, something like that."


She smirked after tanking the rest of the bottle. "Hey," pulling out her phone, "wanna see what I look like as a blonde?" The question was rhetorical, as she scrolled though pictures, showing Lynn various pictures of her around various foreign landmarks. "It lasted for a while. I kinda look like my mother but, eh, less so." She switched back to the camera, pointing it at her and Lynn, "but now I'm home. And with people I love." She looked to the camera with a smile, snapping it.

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  • 3 weeks later...

"Oh, I want to show you a new trick I learned! it's pretty cool, actually." Lynn waved her hand towards the chair across the coffee table from the sofa, and...another Lynn appeared!




How're ya feelin'," asked the original Lynn


"Not too bad," said new Lynn with a shrug. "Maybe a little peckish. You guys wanna do brunch?"


"Yeah, I could eat."


"Sweet! We've got eggs, right?"


"I am almost sure, yeah."


"Cool beans."


The two Lynns gave each other two thumbs up, then the second one got up headed into the kitchen, whistling 'Never Had A Friend Like Me' as he went. Real Lynn turned to Moira and grinned. "So, whaddya think?"

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A trick from Lynn, she thought, this'll be... She stopped mid thought as the second Lynn appeared. Sitting up and looking at the two as they conversed. It brought a smile to Moira's face. Putting her phone down, she looked at Lynn, the real one, with a nod, "that definitely is something." She took another bottle of brew out of the box as clone Lynn entered the kitchen, "you are full of surprises."


There was a moment where Moira was quiet, as she collected her thoughts. A smirk crossed her lips, "I have so many questions, but I'll try to keep to the 'appropriate' ones." She sat the brew down after taking a long drink, as if to collect her thoughts. "So, the big one I guess. Is she a complex illusion or," she grinned, "has your power increased to such as you can create life on a whim?" That last part sounded over dramatic; she shook her head. "But really? That's awesome either way."

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Lynn sucked air through her teeth. "See, that's a tough one." She leaned back and called into the kitchen. "Hey Grim2? Do you think you're alive?"


"I mean, I guess so," came the uncertain reply. "But then again, you can dismiss me with a wave of your hand, so I'm acutely aware that I'm f###ing temporary."


"Yeah, it's complicated," Lynn said with a vigorous nod. "But yes, completely solid, completely real. Has all my skills, powers and memories, except she can't make more copies."


"Or open the stupid Vault."


"Yeah, there is a weird glitch or something where she can't open my pocket into Faerie, which is annoying."


There were sounds of pots and pans clanging in the kitchen, and then 'Anne Hathaway' began loudly singing 'Somebody To Love'.


"Each morning I get up I die a little, can barely staaand on my feeeeet!"


Lynn rolled her eyes and shook her head.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Biting her tongue, Moira laughed a little. She restrained to keep the Queen song going. Which was really hard to do! "Well, it is kind of nice to have yourself a room mate. I mean who knows you better than you?"


There was a quiet moment as she looked at Lynn, equally as a friend and a former room mate. "I mean, if you need someone who can pay some rent though," she leaned forward with a smirk, making direct eye contact, "I know someone who could," she said with a faux whisper. Moira's act was obvious, making little to hide it. "But yeah," she said open-endedly, leaning back, but closer to Lynn this time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Lynn looked up into Moore's eyes, seemingly surprised, them smiled. "That would be lovely," she said softly. And then she scooted over on the sofa until their bodies were touching, side by side.


"Are you guys having sex," called the voice from the kitchen. "I think you're having sex."


"Shut up, 'Anne'! None of your damn beeswax!"


"Fine, I'll just keep making food, like a damn slave!"


Lynn squeezed her eyes shut and snapped her fingers; there was a small 'eep!' and the sound of an aluminum pan clattering to the floor.


"How about we make brunch," she said, not moving from the sofa.

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Moira leaned into to Lynn totally not paying to the clone's chatter in the background. As they talked, she wrapped her arms around Lynn and whispered in her ear, "I can pay you a fair amount. How does-" Her potential offer stopped as the loud noise in the background made her reflexively wince. She laughed a little, leaning her forehead on Lynn's shoulder.


"Sure," she said looking up at the mention of brunch, "i'm all for anything with eggs, potatoes, and ham in different forms." She let go of Lynn. "But really. Thanks. I love staying with you. And your clone, if she's real. I can get to know her better too." She knew the clone was gone, but she really wanted to pick it's brain. She pecked Lynn on the cheek. "So, seriously," she said slipping out of her personal space, "how's 500 sound?" 

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Lynn winced and shook her head."Look, don't...don't pay me anything, dude! If anything, I should pay YOU!" She sat up and turned to face her demigod friend. "Do you have any idea how lonely it's been here for the last year, with just me and the cats? I just... I really need a friend right now, okay? Let's not make a weird financial arrangement out of it; let's just share the space as friends, and we'll see where that takes us, alright?"


Then she wriggled back into Moira's side like a cat. "I just need a snuggle buddy right now..."


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Moira was taken aback by Lynn's stark honesty. Of course, she was used to it, but it still came out of the blue. She was happy that she didn't have to pay, but was troubled that she may have abandoned one of her best friends to go travelling elsewhere. "Of course, babe. I'll be here for you anytime." She held on to her friend for a quiet moment and all was seemingly right. The looming promise of food really didn't matter at the moment. She held Lynn again.


"Hey Lynn," she said softly as she petted Lynn's hair, "wanna do that thing where we're partners? Helping people out, shaking down bad guys? World's Awesomest style!" It was not a serious suggestion, she knew the fey woman was at least five times more powerful than her. At least last she checked. The clone was probably even better than her. But still  'World's Awesomest' was something to be seen.

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Lynn pursed her lips in thought.


"The hero thing? Yeah, we can give it a try. We'd have to figure out what works for us; I don't really patrol anymore. We, uh...Gretch and I tended to rely on tips and research to find our cases, and focused primarily on the supernatural stuff, y'know? We found our niche." 


She was quiet for a little bit, perhaps lost in memories. 


"It'll be nice to handle things differently; love her to death, but Gretch sucked at undercover work. Anything dealing with people, basically..."


And just like that, Lynn was snoring in a light doze; she was adorable in her sleep.

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The whole 'hero hotline' thing was interesting to her. Moira never got in on it here when she was here last time. Was it even a thing when she lived here last? Then again, Moira was an extroverted hero. Patrolling was her thing. It got her out and mingling with the people. The regular folks as well as the heroes and villains. She was a social creature.


As Lynn dozed off, Moira smiled. She didn't even get a word in. IT was fine, she was a good enough listener as much as a talker. She would listen to one of her best friends for hours on end. She quietly stood up, lifting Lynn in her arms. "You get some sleep then," she whispered, mostly to herself, "we'll talk about this when you're ready."


Taking Lynn to her bed room, she laid her down and covered her up. Now she was going to clean up that mess in the kitchen.

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