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Otherworld Capers (OOC)


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Oh, that hits alright, and oof! He's not doing so hot. Staggered and dazed, and you send him flying back 10 feet Good work! Unfortunately for him, that's off of the truck. He goes careening into the street below. He thus rolls a toughness save against DC 19 (the result of your knockback), which he gets a pretty okay 17 for. So he's not unconscious, but he probably wishes he was. He's also now prone on the street.


From his laying down position, he's gonna spend his turn getting up, a bit woozy.


The Meta-Naut is going to try and take this opportunity to blast him! And gets a piddly 13. Spending a hero point from her luck pool, she rerolls for 25! That's a hit. He's gonna try and survive it, but with an 11, he is unconscious.

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They fail, and are big spookums. 16.

The Meta-Naut is going to get on in there and try and fight Ms. Demeanor, but Ms. Demeanor is now aware something is fishy! Time for initiative!


The Meta-Naut nets a 9! Meanwhile, Ms. Demeanor has a 16.


Uh oh. Okay, just need one from you now and I can move on.


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19! That means, since she was already dazed, that Ms. Demeanor is now also staggered while taking another bruise!


Since she can't act this turn, the Meta-Naut goes once more.


Meta-Naut will press the attack and blast her again! 17! That means she's gone get hit since she's already preoccupied with someone. 19 again. So, another bruise but still up.


Go again, Rebellion!

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It is a miss! However, seeing that her chances are not great at the moment, Ms. Demeanor is going to try to flee.


Raya is super not interested in letting her get away, and is thus going to try and grapple this lady with her move object. 15! That's a fail so Raya will use one of her hero points to reroll this. 25! That's a hit.


Grapple check time! 28 on Raya's part. Let's see how Ms. Demeanor does. 13. Okay, she's grappled!

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