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Avenger Assembled

Everybody Make a Scene (OOC)

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I think Alder was aiming for peaceful with VOlcanics approach and I'm indifferent so it looks like peaceful is the winner.

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So...soil form!


Earth stuff seems to be volcanic thing so I dunno how long that'll last to avoid riffing on another player but here we go.


Insubstantial 2 ("dust cloud"; gaseous)[10pp]


Flight 2 ("dust on the wind" 25 mph 250ft/round)[4pp]


Array 20 ("power of the elemental earth" PFs: Alternate power 4)[44pp)

BE: Damage 10 ("abrasive aura" Extra: Duration 2: sustained, Aura)[40/40]

AE: Snare 10 ("Crushing Embrace of Earth" Extras: Regenerating,  Constricting)[40/40]

AE: Trip 10 ("Antlion pit"; Flaw: Range (touch) Extra: Area( Burst - general), Selective Attack, Duration 2 (Sustained)[40/40]

AE: Blast 10 ("Seismic spears"; Extra: Range: Perception, Secondary effect)[40/40]

AE: Move Object 20 ("earthmover": heavy load: 12,500 tons Flaw: Limited substance [earth], Distracting Extras: Damaging [10 ranks only] Range [Perception] [40/40pp]


Super senses 2 ("feel it in the earth"; Tremor sense)[2pp]

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