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Everybody Make a Scene (OOC)

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Daphne's Notice Roll: 1d20+15 17 , for what it's worth she'll use Super-Senses (see below) in her Grue Nature Array well as her mind and empathy senses.



Accurate (Hearing, Smell), Acute (Smell), Analytical (Smell), Darkvision, Direction Sense, Extended 3 (2 miles increments Vision, Hearing, Smell), Infravison, Low-Light Vision, Sonar


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Tiff: This guy's name is Yegor Shoygu - he drives a truck in the town when he's not carrying his father's old service rifle in the woods to do a little hunting. Or maybe a lot of hunting. 


He's here to kill the tiger that came into his backyard and ate his two hunting dogs. He's not a terribly sentimental guy but he loved those dogs. He knows that the tigers are protected but the tigers come onto people's property all the time; a tiger that ate dogs has learned that there's food in houses. Next time it'll kill more dogs, or maybe a human next. He thinks nobody will listen because the rangers are college kids from Vladivostok who work for the tigers or rich tourists; not the people who live here. 



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