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Football and Kevin

Kevin Malone was once an ordinary young man, skilled at football, but vastly overshadowed by his father's own football prowess. Jake Malone raised his son to be a football star, but Kevin avoided the limelight and took on the position of center: key to every offensive play, but easily overlooked unless he made a mistake. If Kevin were being honest with himself, there was more than one reason that he didn't seek to follow in his father's footsteps. Sure, he was a wingman more than a playboy, mostly content to help others before he helped himself, but it also meant that he didn't have to compete with his father's legacy. He wouldn't be throwing fewer touchdown passes, or sneaking for fewer yards. He could be his own man as long as he shoved himself to the side.

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The Mastery of Chi

After he first healed someone, Kevin figured that he had to be a mutant. There weren't too many other possibilities. The Malones could trace their roots back for hundreds of years all the way to the Emerald Isle, so he couldn't be an alien, and he wasn't hit by any strange radiation, exotic chemicals, or mysterious energies. He was wrong then, and he probably would have remained wrong had he not found a scrap of paper at his feet with Master Lee's address on it. What he had thought was a mutant power was actually an instinctive manipulation of chi, a force contained within all living things.

In some senses, chi is life, energy flowing and changing. There are two ways that it can be mastered - internally and externally. So far, Kevin's mastery of chi has been an external mastery. He has only exhibited one power that affects himself - the ability to perceive chi and how it is flowing. He has found several ways to affect others, from aligning their chi (temporarily granting them heightened human abilities, or improving superhuman abilities) to draining their chi, slowing them to the point of unconsciousness. Unusually, he has an easier time aiding others than injuring them. While he can heal lethal injuries without a touch, he still has to touch someone in order to drain their chi.

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A Battle in the Sky

Kevin's first chance at super-heroism showed the downside of being unable to fly. While the Emissary fought a villain claiming to be related to a demon up in the sky, Kevin mostly contented himself with making sure that the civilians in the area were uninjured, and that everyone remained clear of the destruction. Even though he knew that he could heal minor injuries, he wasn't so sure of being able to heal larger ones... and he was always conscious of the fact that he knew he couldn't heal himself.

Even if he felt a little helpless on the ground, he knew that bravery wasn't tied to powers. He might be unable to fly, but when he helped a man out of a burning building, he knew that he could work to be a hero.

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