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Octoman: Close To Home (OOC)


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I don't expect this to be a long fight.


Josef Bankowski is high on a lot of particularly potent Max and Zoom which may be cut with other stuff, so I'm handwaving him as having enough superhuman strength and speed that's gonna put him at a blanket +10 to just about everything.




Josef Bankowski: 13.


Octoman: 16.


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Octoman: 16, Unharmed, 4HP

Josef Bankowski: 13, Unharmed

Bombshell: 12, Unharmed, 3HP



Move Action: Octoman will try to Taunt Bankowski. Octoman is at -5 Bluff.

Octoman's Bluff check: 20.

Bankowski's Sense Motive check: 18.

Bankowski is Shaken, -2 to all rolls, for 1 round.

Standard Action: Disarm Bankowski.

Octoman will Accurate Attack for +2 attack / -2 damage.

Octoman's Attack check (DC20): 28.

Octoman's Disarm check: 18.

Wait, I forgot to include the +3 he gets from his Super-Strength, per the House Rules.

That makes it 21.

Bankowski's Disarm check: 25.

Unfortunately, even if Octoman were to burn a Hero Point to grab the House-Ruled version of the Improved Disarm feat, that +4 to the check would still only tie Bankowski's roll, and he needs to beat him to disarm him.

Bankowski keeps his grip on the gun.


Josef Bankowski:

Free Action: Bankowski will maintain the grapple he has on Olivia Lenkiewicz.

Standard Action: Bankowski will Cover Lenkiewicz (see Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition, page 156). It's just a ranged attack specific Ready action. He would normally get to roll his attack check in advance, but since he's got her in a grapple, he won't need to roll to hit her. He can fire as a Reaction at any time before his next action comes up.

Move Action: Bankowski will try to Demoralize Octoman. Bankowski is at -5 Intimidation.

Bankowski's Intimidation check: 15.

Wait, no, 13, forgot about the -2 from being Shaken.

Octoman's Will save: 20.

The Demoralize attempt fails.


Mechanically, the only ways to prevent Bankowski from taking the Reaction to shoot Lenkiewicz are 1) distract him with a Bluff or Intimidate check (and Intimidate gets a -2 penalty, since he's the guy with the gun), 2) create some other distraction that could reasonably force him to make a Concentration check, or 3) spend a Hero Point to do an instant counter as a Reaction, which would be an opposed power check, with some fluff explanation for how your power is preventing him from shooting her in the head.


Octoman: 16, Unharmed, 4HP

Josef Bankowski: 13, Shaken

Bombshell: 12, Unharmed, 3HP


Bombshell is up.


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Talya’s going to be a Big Damn Hero! As we talked about in chat, she’s going to close and blow an HP to interpose her body between the gun and the victim. Toughness save for Talya is 17 so Bruised and Injured. Bruised will regen at no action speeds, the injured takes a round. 

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Cool. Bombshell takes some action, any action, to which Bankowski responds by taking a Reaction to fire, which Bombshell responds to by taking Reactions to gain Interpose with a HP and to use it, taking the shot, it's DC19 lethal, she fails by 2, she's Bruised and Injured, and Octoman's up after her IC post.

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Octoman's Notice check to read Bankowski's lips: 16.

Just barely makes it.


Octoman's Notice check to read Bombshell's lips: 27.

Loud and clear, even if I apply the -5 penalty to Notice checks for being "distracted".



Full Action: He initiates a grapple against Bankowski, picks him up, and throws him.

He'll Power Attack for -2 attack / +2 damage.


Octoman's Attack check (DC20): 14.

Absolutely not.

Reaction: Octoman will burn a Hero Point for a re-roll.

Octoman's Attack check (DC20, Hero Point re-roll): 27.

That's more like it.


Octoman's Grapple check: 53.

Bankowski's Grapple bonus is only +20, so even with a natural 20 he'd still lose by more than 5.

Bankowski is Bound (Helpless).

That breaks Bankowski's grip on Lenkiewicz.


Bankowski is about 200 pounds, a heavy load for Strength 15.

Octoman's lifting Strength is 41.

41 - 15 = 26.

26 / 5 = 5.2, rounded down to 5.

Octoman's lifting Strength is 5 increments of 5 higher than what's needed to throw Bankowski 5 feet, so his throwing distance goes 5 steps up the Progression table.

5ft to 10ft, 10ft to 25ft, 25ft to 50ft, 50ft to 100ft, 100ft to 250ft.

Octoman throws Bankowski 250 feet.


For funsies, I'm gonna say that Octoman's tentacles are not elongated to anywhere near their full length, and he's not gonna let go, so he gets dragged along for the ride.


Within the first 100 feet, Bankowski is going to hit the building across the street.

We'll call it Toughness 5, equivalent to "stone".

Inanimate objects take 10 on Toughness saves.

Thrown objects inflict your Strength bonus as damage. Octoman's is +8, so with the Power Attack, it's +10.

Stone gets 15 on a Toughness save, failing the DC25 throwing attack from Octoman by 10, enough to be Disabled.

When it comes to walls, that means that Bankowski knocks a Bankowski-sized hole through the wall and keeps going.

I'm just gonna go ahead and give him the same damage the whole way.

I'm gonna call the interior walls Toughness 3, equivalent to "wood", so he's gonna bust through those, too.

250 feet is far enough for Bankowski and Octoman to fly out of Lenkiewicz's apartment, through the building across the street, across the next street, through the next building, and halfway across the next street before they lose momentum and fall to the ground.

Lenkiewicz's apartment is on the fifth floor, so I'll call that 50ft up in the air, falling damage 5.


Once they're falling, Octoman will release the grapple, and make an Acrobatics check to decrease his effective fall distance.


Octoman's Acrobatics check (DC5): 24.

That exceeds the DC by 19, so his fall is effectively 50 - 19 = 31ft, Damage 3.


Octoman's Toughness save against the fallling damage (DC18): 20. He's good even without the Acrobatics check.


Bankowski's got a mess of Toughness saves to make.


Building #1:

First exterior wall (DC25): 20. He fails by 5, so he's Bruised, and Dazed for 1 round.

I'm gonna use the knockback rules as a guideline and say that, after that first impact, he takes damage equal to the Toughness of the obstacles, since it's lower than the throwing damage on that first attack. That way, Octoman doesn't effectively get a dozen attacks against him.

First interior wall (DC18): 16. That's a second Bruise. (Think I mislabeled that as Octoman's save, oops.)

Second interior wall (DC18): 16. That's a third Bruise.

Second Exterior wall (DC20): 15. That's a fourth Bruise.


Building #2:

First exterior wall (DC20): 16. That's a fifth Bruise.

First interior wall (DC18): 14. That's a sixth Bruise.

Second interior wall (DC18): 23. He finally makes one.

Second exterior wall (DC20): 11. That's a seventh Bruise.


Bankowski's Toughness save against the fall (DC20): 17. Eight Bruises and one Injury, but he's still kicking.


That leaves both Octoman and Bankowski Prone in the middle of the street two and a half blocks away from Lenkiewicz's apartment.


Free Action: Octoman will make an Acrobatics check to try to stand up.

Acrobatics check (DC20): 28. He's standing up.



Reaction: Use GM Fiat to clear his Dazed condition. Octoman gets a Hero Point.

Move Action: Stand up.

Standard Action: Charge Octoman.

Charging gives him +2 attack, and -2 defense until his next action.

He'll All-Out Attack for another +2 attack / -2 defense, and Power Attack for -2 attack / +2 damage.

That puts Bankowski at Attack 12, Damage 12, Defense 6 (DC16), Toughness 2 (10 base minus 8 Bruises).

Bankowski's Attack check (DC22) 31.

Reaction: Bankowski uses GM Fiat to gain the Improved Critical feat for a round, so that natural 19 becomes a critical hit, +5 damage. Octoman gets another Hero Point.

31 beats 22 by 9. 9 / 2 = 4.5, rounded down to 4. So Autofire gives Bankowski +4 damage.

Damage 12, +4 Autofire, +5 crit = 21.

That's a DC36 Toughness save.


Octoman's Toughness save (DC36): 9. Natural 1.

Octoman will spend a Hero Point to re-roll that.

Octoman's Toughness save (DC36, Hero Point re-roll): 22.

He fails by 14, so he's BruisedInjuredStaggered, Disabled, and Dazed for 1 round.


Since Octoman failed the Toughness save by 5+, not counting the Autofire or the crit, now it's time for Bankowski to inflict some knockback of his own.


Damage 12 minus KB resist 4 = 8, so he knocks Octoman back 250ft. The same distance he got thrown. Turnabout is fair play.

I'm gonna say he knocks Octoman back toward the building they just crashed through.

After the first 50ft or so, Octoman is going to hit the exterior wall, Toughness 5.

The object's toughness is lower than the KB result, so Octoman takes 5 damage. The wall takes 8, the KB result.


Octoman's Toughness save (DC20): 23.


The wall takes 10 for 15, failing its DC23 Toughness save by 8. The wall is Injured, effectively only Toughness 4, now, but it's not Disabled, so Octoman doesn't break through it. He lands Prone in front of it.


Octoman: 16, Bruised, Injured, Staggered, Disabled, Dazed, Prone, 4HP

Josef Bankowski: 13, Bruised x8, Injured

Bombshell: 12, Unharmed, 3HP


Bankowski is at Defense 6 (DC16) until his next action.


Bombshell is up.


EDIT: I just realized that Octoman burned 2 Hero Points inside the same combat round for re-rolls, which is illegal, since you can only burn one HP per use per round, not per character action. I stripped away one of his Hero Points, basically giving the villain a free Fiat use, and I'm calling it even there.


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Short Answer: Yes.


Bombshell is roughly 200ft from Octoman and 250ft from Bankowski.

The rank 1 Speed power in her baton lets her move 10MPH, which is 100ft per move action.

She's got two actions by default, which she can use on two back-to-back move actions to just barely clear the 200ft and land adjacent to Octoman.

If you want her to take another move or standard action after that, then you can take a free action to use Extra Effort for a Surge.

On her next action, 1 round from now, she'll become Fatigued.

At that time or any time after, as a Reaction, she can burn a Hero Point to get rid of that Fatigued condition.


So she can Surge to Distract as a standard action in the same round, on top of her two move actions.


Her Distract works off of Bluff, with which she has +20 and Skill Mastery, so she can Take 10 and hit 30. Bankowski will only resist that on a natural 20.


Bankowski's Sense Motive check: 17. Not even close.


Bankowski is Dazed for 1 round.


Octoman: 16, Bruised, Injured, Staggered, Disabled, Dazed, Prone, 4HP

Josef Bankowski: 13, Bruised x8, InjuredDazed

Bombshell: 12, Unharmed, 3HP


Go ahead and post in the IC.


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Notice check for Octoman to read Bomshell's lips (DC20): 30. Still catching every word.


This'll be a much shorter OOC post and combat round.

Octoman lays there, and Bankowski stands there.



Reaction: He spends a Hero Point to clear his Dazed condition.

Reaction: He spends another Hero Point to make a Recovery action for his worst damage condition, Disabled.

Standard Action: He begins the Recover action. He's Staggered, so he's limited to a single Standard or Move action each round, but Recovery is a Full action, so it'll take him two rounds.



He's Dazed, so he can't take any actions.


Forgot to give Bombshell a Hero Point for taking that bullet, so her total goes up. Also forgot to list her one wound.



Regeneration (Feats: Regrowth) (Bruised/No Action, Injured/1 Round, Staggered/No Action, Disabled/5 Minutes, Resurrection/5 Minutes) (Magic; Imbued) [22 PP]


Point of order, the description of the wound closing is fine, but Bombshell's injury hasn't actually gone away yet, because she has to heal the worst conditions first, and it looks like it takes one full round of rest for her to get rid of an Injury (after which point the Bruise will just instantly go away).

Octoman: 16, Bruised, Injured, Staggered, Disabled, Prone, 2HP

Josef Bankowski: 13, Bruised x8, InjuredDazed

Bombshell: 12, Bruised, Injured, 4HP


Bombshell is up again.


Also, side note, while there aren't any power ranks listed, I think her Regen cost is wrong.

Recovering from Bruised with no action is 3 ranks.

Recovering from Injured after 1 round of rest is 4 ranks.

Recovering from Staggered with no action is 6 ranks.

Recovering from Disabled in 5 minutes is 4 ranks.

Resurrecting in 5 minutes is 6 ranks.

Regrowth is 1PP.

That's 23 ranks, 24PP.


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Since you're using your standard action to feint, you're actually Bluffing at the full +20, so you get 30.

He needs a natural 20 to see through that.

Sense Motive check: 17. He doesn't get it.

Bankowski is flat-footed, so his Defense is +5, DC15, so 18 hits.

Strength +3, Mighty Damage 4, +2 from Sneak Attack, another +2 from Power Attack, that's Damage 11, DC26, your math checks out.

With 8 Bruises, Bankowski's got -8 to his +10 Toughness, leaving him at +2.

Bankowski's Toughness save (DC26): 14. He fails by 12. So he's not Unconscious yet, but he takes a ninth Bruise, and now he's also Staggered, and he's Dazed for one round.

Wow, this guy will just not go down.


EDIT: Forgot, since he failed by 5+, he suffers knockback. Crits don't generally count for that, so I'm gonna say Sneak Attack doesn't either, but the Power Attack does. So that's Damage 9, minus 5 (half his +10 Toughness) = 4. 4 steps up the Progression table is 10, so he gets knocked back up to ten feet. You can choose not to send him back that far if you want. If I were you, I'd just knock him down instead of back, so you're still in melee and you don't have to move again. If he's still Prone by your next round, you'll get an extra +4 to hit him.


Octoman: 16, Bruised, Injured, Staggered, Disabled, Prone, 2HP

Josef Bankowski: 13, Bruised x9, Injured, StaggeredDazedProne

Bombshell: 12, Bruised, Injured, 3HP


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Standard Action: He finishes up his Recovery, and automatically passes the check because it's DC10 and his bonus is +9. He loses his Disabled condition.

Move Action: None. He doesn't get one, since he's Staggered.


Josef Bankowski:

No actions, since he's spending the round Dazed. I could Fiat it away, but I'm not gonna.


Octoman: 16, Bruised, Injured, Staggered, Prone, 2HP

Josef Bankowski: 13, Bruised x9, Injured, StaggeredDazedProne

Bombshell: 12, Bruised, Injured, 2HP


Bombshell is up again. I assume she's going to burn another HP to avoid the fatigue from the second Surge, so I already deducted it from her total.


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She is going to burn the HP to avoid fatigue, spend her move action to feint with a DC25 because I usually roll terribly when I try to roll for bluff checks. For her standard action, she’ll power attack against the prone dude. And no, she doesn’t even feel a little bad about it. 


Uh. I, uh... Nat 20? 34

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Bankowski's Sense Motive: 20. She successfully Feints him.


34 obviously hits his prone and flat-footed defense.


Bankowski's Toughness save (DC34): 20.

Wow, this guy is tough.

He fails by 14. Normally, that would only be enough to be Staggered, not Unconscious.

However, since he is already Staggered, he moves up one level, and he is now, finally, Unconscious. *blasts air horns*


Octoman: 16, Bruised, Injured, Staggered, Prone, 2HP

Josef Bankowski: 13, Bruised x10, Injured, StaggeredUnconsciousProne

Bombshell: 12, Bruised, Injured, 2HP


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@alderwitch Go ahead and make a DC20 check, either Notice or Sense Motive (I can't decide which it should be and she's got the same +10 in both).


If she succeeds, then Bombshell can notice how Octoman's eyes snap around and stare intently at her mouth every time she speaks, and how he doesn't seem to respond or react if she says something while his back is turned, put it together, and realize that he's probably got some kind of hearing impairment.


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