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Red Death Redemption (OOC)


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Hardwick Park is Lady Horus's special focus area


Cool, I remembered that correctly.


OK, @Avenger Assembled, I made another GM post in the IC thread to loop in Wadjet and Horus. Feel free to post there whenever. With her speed (five times as fast as Strix on his best day), Horus will most likely get there first.

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The windows are locked, yeah. But if she wants to avoid being spotted by the cops who just pulled up, she could easily duck down behind the opposite side of the townhouse block before teleporting. The voices are both coming from the second story, so her best bet is probably to jump in at the ground level. The cops aren't moving very quickly, so she'd easily have time to jump in and re-activate her Concealment before they reach the door.

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Yeah, that's fine, I never mind handing out Hero Points.


Feel free to have Lady Horus have followed the kid as far out as you want. With her movement speed, she can be anywhere in the house at any time, so I'm not really worried about keeping track of her positioning.

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OK, no, second thought, I edited the GM post and turned the clock back about halfway through it. Lady Horus has a chance to stop the kid if she wants. He's already seen his father feed once, so he's not gonna get more traumatized than he already is. And it's no huge surprise that Dad's a vampire. Hold on to the Init rolls.


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