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Scene: Terrifica and Salvo (OOC)

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Don't forget the -4 penalty to your attack rolls and skill checks from Zero-G. 


Everybody give me a DC 10 Fort save to avoid space sickness.


EternalPhoenix: The room you are in is in Zero-G! There's debris everywhere, but at least no liquids and the room is armored enough that there are no sparks. You can see evidence of some kind of disaster in the satellite, and distress signals are coming in from all over the place. You can't tell this is sabotage or an attack just yet, but it looks bad - they've really teched the tech in here, and there's risk of the onboard reactors overheating now that they have no place to dump their excess heat. 


Zeitgeist Blue: Take a bruise! You have the ability to open the door to the outside. If you do open it, I'll post the subsequent effects. You can have an HP if you open it. =D 



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Okay, let's see some more Reflex saves!

Let's call these DC 20.


If you make the save, nothing happens as you grab onto something in time to avoid being hurt. If you fail the save, roll DC 20 Toughness as debris hits you on the way out. If you fail the save by 5 or more, roll DC 20 Toughness and give me a second Reflex save to avoid being sucked out into space entirely as you are now clinging to the edge of the door...  


Don't forget you don't take a -4 penalty here, since it's not an Attack roll or skill check. 


It is a DC 21 Computers check to close the door, since you need to beat Salvo's initial 'roll. - so you can close it with your IC post, EP. Assuming you make dem Reflex saves.

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ZB: You can see a scattering of debris from one of the surrounding rings, all of it following a track like a line drawn in space. It looks like maybe a large object hit the station? You can't tell; there's no sign of the impactor. 

EP, let me know exactly what you're looking for. Right now you can tell there's massive damage to the satellite. You can't raise any of the metahumans on board, but you can reach the uniformed crew like the workers trapped down by the reactor, the staff taking shelter in place in the labs, etc. 

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Well, if Salvo is able to get the map and opens the system specs with her roll then she'll do that herself. Not like she's someone who's patient right now, even if she asked.


Maybe Terrifica can give her the map and system specs at the same time as she took them? Salvo didn't roll for or trigger the distress signal either.

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Okay, so first off, a Strength check to see if I can resist the vacuum suction. No idea if Super-Strength will apply so I'll show both with and without.


Roll: 1d20+4 = 5 (11 w/ Super-Strength)


Oof. Nat 1.


Next Computers to find faults within the satellite systems. I'll be Aiding Terrifica so I need to go up against a DC 10.


Computers: 1d20+15-4 = 13


Terrifica gains +2 on her check.


Lastly, I will roll Concentration so she can multi-task, assissting in the Computers check while navigating the satellite.


Concentration: 1d20-2 = -1


Wrong roll format in Orokos but it's still an oof at -1.

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