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Create object?


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Is create object limited by pl?


This question is answered in the House Rules.


Hover your mouse over the "Manual" tab at the top of the site, and the link will appear.



The short answer is "No, not really".




If I had create object at Pl10 could I make a sword out of it? What damage would it do? 

Could I make armour? What toughness would it be?



The book already says that created objects have a maximum Toughness equal to your power rank.


But you're coming at this from the wrong perspective.

Think about what the power you want actually does.


If you want to be able to "create a sword", then don't use Create Object. Just buy a Damage power with the Mighty power feat, and use "Conjures a sword and then uses it" as the descriptor.

It's not a Device or a piece of Equipment, because if you get disarmed or the sword gets destroyed, you can just create another one.

Mechanically, descriptors are the only thing in this game that separate a guy who can toss fire blasts from a guy who can summon infinite guns. They're both just Ranged Damage power effects.


Similarly, if you can just conjure up a suit of armor, then just take the Force Field or Protection power, with "conjured suit of armor" as the descriptor.

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