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Vibora Bay

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I found the archived version of the old Champions Online wiki, which was much more robust than either of the current replacements.




After cross-referencing the Vibora Bay book with the info in that wiki, I saw several changes and retcons:

  • Guy Sweetland brought the Dogz gang into his organization, giving them a leg up and bolstering his syndicate with extra muscle. Sweetland was infected with lycanthropy, and he spread it among the Dogz, who are mostly werewolves now.
  • Clark Robinson isn't a vampire himself, but he's being mind-controlled by one ("Vladic Drakul", the father of Vlad Tepes), who's been steadily turning members of the New Shadows into vampires.
  • The Sovereign Sons aren't just a bunch of Caribbean gangsters. Their bokors, mambos and houngans toss around real magic, command real zombies, and transform into real were-alligators. The Baron isn't secretly one of Mister Gemini's duplicates. He really is being ridden by the loa Cimetiere.
  • The Trey Kings aren't a normal gang either. They're Therakiel cultists, the lowliest foot-soldiers in his hierarchy, and they have actual black magic and demonic powers thanks to that allegiance. Their new aesthetic is basically "The Cenobites from Hellraiser".
  • The High Apostolic Church is, at its very highest level, another arm of Therakiel's cult. There is a main headquarters for the church, at the far north end of High Street, and it doubles as Therakiel's secret headquarters.large.658px-Vibora_Bay_Map.jpg.30c45a8cb019d21f26d7a50b30391dbc.jpg

Are we using any of this?


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