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Dark Reflections [Vignette]


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The lights of the city burned like a thousand twinkling stars in the backgrond of riverside park. It was early morning and only the spotlights were awake around the centurion statue. The night guardsman had just finished her nightly rounds. Nights are usually busy in Freedom, but tonight was quiet. Yawning the guard looked up at the statue. “We’ll always remember†she said to herself, and turned to go on with her duties.

Out of the shadows stepped a wild, white haired man wearing a lab coat, on his eyes he wore red tinted glasses that prevented any idea of what his eyes looked like. He looked around with a crased zeal intill he was sure the coast was clear.

“I don’t know why you wanted to come here†the wild haired man spits, “This thing gives me the creeps.â€Â

The sound seems to hush as out of the shadows steps an imposing figure, dressed head to toe in medieval armor. His grey eyes tilt upward toward the face of the statue, his face emotion less. He takes in the salty air, in a quiet breath, the air around him humming with tension. The white haired man cowers in the presence of this man.

“So here even mortals can become gods… that should prove… useful.â€Â

Silence fills the quiet park, broken only by the sound of lapping waves, the hum of the lights, and the sound of distant traffic.

“Well even the gods shall be held responsible.†He turns his piercing grey eyes to the white haired man. “Come doctor, we have an army to build…,†he turns his eyes one last time to the statue, “and a job to do.â€Â

With that, they disappear into the night.

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