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Contest of Centurions OOC

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OOC for this thread.


@Dariusprime @Tiffany Korta @angrydurf For your first posts, just make one with your characters somewhere, they could be doing something heroic like I did with Paradigm, or just going about their routines. Then they disappear at the end in a flash of light.


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Does wherever he took us interfere with Phalanx's Communication link with psyche?


And is the grey mist normal mist that his penetrates concealment/counters obscure vision can get through?  Or is it like an illusion or fiat effect?


Super-Senses 11 (Normal Vision, Enhancements: Counters Obscure 2 [smoke/Dust/Solid Particulates], Extended 5 [200 mile Increments], Penetrates Concealment 4 ) [11pp]

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For now I will say that Gamesmaster is able to interfere with the psychic connection. That could change as the thread progresses. And the Mist is a PL X fiat, so it does block supersenses penetrating it, so have a HP for this!

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