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Mindwire -Kavos- -PL 10


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Players name: Kavos

power level 10 Hero

Real Name: Zeke Roberts

Alternate Identity: Mindwire

Identity: Secret

Occupation: Claremont Student

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian


Gender: Male

Age: 15

Size: Medium

Height: 5'8

Weight: 120lb

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Emerald Green


Power Level: 10

Power Points: 150

Max Attack: 10

Max Defence: 10

Max Save DC: 10

Max Toughness: 10


STR: 8 (-1)

DEX: 10(+0)

CON: 11 (+0)

INT: 40/14 (+15/+2)

WIS: 10 (+0)

CHA: 10 (+0)

COMBAT [0pp]

Attack +6, +0 w/out Hover Chair

Grapple: +5, -1 w/out Hover Chair

Defense: +6 (+1 flat-footed), +0 w/out Hover Chai

Knockback: -10, +0 w/out Hover Chair

Initiative: +2

SAVES [10pp]

Toughness +10 (Impervious 10); +0 w/out Hover Chair

Fortitude +3 (+0 Con, +3)

Reflex +3 (+0 Dex, +3)

Will +4 (+0 Wis, +4)

SKILLS [9pp]

Computers 4 (+6/+17) [Enhanced limited to datalink use]

Craft (Electronic) 4 (+6/+30)

Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+6/+30)

Disable Device 4 (+6/+17) [Enhanced limited to disable technology]

Drive 6 (+8)

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 4 (+6/+30)

Knowledge (Technology) 4 (+6/+30)

Pilot 6 (+8)



FEATS [6pp]

Improvised Tools



Skill Mastery (2) (Computers, Craft [Electronic & Mechanical ], Disable Device, Knowledge [Physical Sciences & Technology])

Ultimate Effort (1) (construction checks)

POWERS [133pp]

Communication 6 (Audio & Visual; Extra: Linked ESP 6 [Audio & Visual; Flaws: Medium/cameras & listening devices, Feedback]; Flaw: Medium/monitors and speakers) [12pp]

Datalink 6 (PFs: Cyberspace, Machine Control, 1 Alternate Power) [9pp]

AP: Possession 2 (Extras: Duration/Continuous, Range 2/Perception; Flaws: Body Remains, Feedback, Limited to Machines only)

Enhanced Intelligence 26 (Flaw: Limited to Craft [Electronic & Mechanical], and Knowledge [Physical Sciences & Technology] skills) [13pp]

Device 14 (Hover chair, 70 points, hard to lose) [56pp]

Quickness 6 (100x; Flaw: Limited to one Task; Invention Design checks (schematic’s) [2pp]

Enhanced Skills 66 (Computing +11, Craft [Electrical] +11, Craft [Mechanical] +11, Disable Device +11, Knowledge [Physical Sciences] +11, Knowledge [Technology] +11) [17pp]

Nullify Machine’s 5 (all technological effects simultaneously; Extra: Effortless; PF: 1 Alternate Power) [16pp]

AP: Healing 9 (PF: Regrowth, Persistent Extra: Affects Objects/Machines [only]

Super-Senses 8 (accurate, acute, analytical, extended, radius, ranged detect machines [radio sense]) [8pp]


Blast 9 [18pp]

Dimensional Pocket 1 (Flaw: No attack ability) [1pp]

Enhanced Attack 6 [12]

Enhanced Defence 3 [6]

Enhanced Feats 3 (Dodge Focus 3) [3]

Flight 4 (100mph) (Flaws: Platform Drawback: Low Ceiling [5ft, –3pp]) [1pp]

Force Field 10 (Extra: Impervious 10, Linked Immunity 9 [life support, Sustained]) [29pp]


Disability: paraplegic (Very Common, Moderate) [–4pp]

Vulnerability: Electricity (Very Common, Minor) [–3pp]

Power Loss: cyberkinetic & cyberpathic powers can be nullified as if they were technological powers (Common, Minor) [-2pp]

Weakness: must take Nano serum every day or suffer a cumulative -1 penalty on Wisdom due to sensory overload from uncontrolled powers (very common, moderate) [–1pp]


Hatred: The Foundry

Remorse: The death of his family

Confusion: The Truth about his mother


Abilities 3 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 6 + Powers 133 + Combat 0 + Saves 10 – Drawbacks -10 = 150 / 150

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Zeke appears as a relatively normal fifteen year old. His hair is cut short, and neatly brushed His face hinting at a European heritage. He has a thin, almost frail looking body, very little muscle cover his bones. Hidden at the base of his neck, and running the line down his spine hides a scar. Line’s of repeated cutting’s up and down his spine.

Zeke is also a Paraplegic after loosing the use of his legs from an event in his past he doesn’t talk about.

He’s usually wearing his school uniform, but he also ware’s a number of other cloth’s depending on the day.

Zeke’s Mindwire’s costume is relatively simple, merely a mask and a few alterations to his wheelchair. Zeke has plans to modify his wheelchair to give him even grater abilities in it’s appearance, to better help hide his own identity.


Zeke was an ordinary fourteen year old. He played sport’s he was into racing. Science was boring, and school sucked. But all that changed one night when he and his parents were on their way home after a basketball game at Zeke’s school.

As they drove home a man suddenly walked out into the street. Zeke’s father quickly put on the brakes but it was too late, the car hit, but instead of ploughing down the pedestrian the car leached forward violently, Zeke managed to get a glimpse of the stranger, A large man that seemed to be maid of bronze…

The bronze man looked at the car, than reached down, his hands effortlessly crunching the metal as he picked the car up, throwing it at a nearby phone poll.

The Car Crumpled and through Zeke from the car, As he hit the ground he herd a loud crack from his back, his lower body going numb instantly.

Looking over to his family’s car Zeke saw his father skewered by a shard of wood from the broken phone poll. His mother laid on the ground having also been thrown from the crumpled car.

The bronze man walked over to his mother, picking her up by the throat, Zeke could see her regain conciseness and struggle helplessly against the bronze man.

As Zeke watch the bronze man’s gaze turned to Zeke. Zeke could see his mother was saying something but Zeke couldn’t understand what she was saying, To Zeke it almost sounded like an old modem he’d herd one day while visiting his uncle.

The bronze man suddenly looked back at Zeke’s mother, than mercilessly crushed his mother’s throat. Zeke yelled but nothing came out, the bronze man walked over to Zeke’s body picking him up by the shirt. Looking at the boy for a second the bronze man than lumped Zeke over his shoulder and began to march away. Ignoring Zeke’s assault with his fists. As the bronze man took him away Zeke noticed something odd, Instead of blood coming out of his mother’s crushed throat there was a clear fluid, and than every now and than a spark would flicker, but as Zeke stared trying to comprehend what he was seeing the world around him dissolved and he found himself and the bronze man inside a dark and very cold room…

Time stood still. It had felt like he’d been trapped on this bench for years, The bronze man who apparently went by the name of Talos, Came and went checking with this golden women on “It’s status.â€Â

Zeke just wanted the nightmare to end… Every day robotic arms would come down and cause him agony, cutting, ripping into his flesh, and doing something inside him.

Each day they could cut, his blood flowing out of his body, while a silver liquid was pumped in.

Zeke’s brain ached with pain, his consciousness blinking in and out, in and out. Each time Zeke would feel different. Finally one day the strange golden woman on the screen told Talos that she Echidna had finished. Suddenly Zeke found himself standing naked in a metal room. No windows were present only the faint light of neon lights. Talos appeared a few feet from Zeke. Zeke attempted to get up and run, but he couldn’t his leg’s wouldn’t listen to him, panic began to rip at Zeke’s hart as Talos bent down and picked the boy up.

Another man entered the room this one appeared human. He stalked around Zeke looking at the boy, before looking over to Talos. Than he spoke in that strange language he didn’t recognise. The two seemed to argue for a second before the human man backed down, bowing to Talos.

The man looked over to Zeke, “I am Keres, you will serve us…â€Â

What seemed like several months past. Zeke had been given some cloths, and a room. Food was delivered only once a day. The golden women in the screen watched him like a hawk. Keres would tell him to do stuff he didn’t understand but some how, some reason he did them. Zeke didn’t understand the half of what he was designing for them but they seemed pleased with his results. Every time he would finished something they would treat him with a decent meal, and the golden woman would put a movie on for him to watch. But it never lasted; they would soon come again telling him to design something else, each request becoming more and more complicated.

Zeke hated it, he was a prisoner, but he couldn’t leave. His leg’s didn’t work so he couldn’t run, and the chair they had given him was bolted into special track’s on his rooms floor, preventing him from leaving the room.

He had to escape… but how?

Eventually Zeke came up with a plan. While working on one of the projects Keres had given him, Zeke made a secondary object. A smaller more concealable object. He built an emergency transmitter…

He designed it small enough that it could easily be hidden on his persons, but powerful enough that it could covertly breach the Foundry’s jamming signals.

All Zeke could do was wait and hope someone got his signal…

Several days’ later Zeke’s prayers were answered; Security alarms went of, even the Golden woman who had been constantly watching him vanished from the large screen in his room. He could hair explosions and gunfire in the background. Zeke moved his chair as far as it would go to the door. Longing to run out and escape.

Falling from the chair Zeke pulled himself to the door, but it was electronically locked.

It was than that Zeke noticed something, it had always been there since he had arrived at this cursed placed, but he could feel the lock on the door. With the golden woman now gone Zeke fanned out with his mind, grabbing onto the sense of the lock.

He could see it with his mind, every about the lock was an open book to him.

Carefully he overrode the locking mechanism, unlocking the door.

The door slid open as Zeke gave a gasp for air, his head felt dizzy from unlocking the door, but at the same time he felt rejuvenated, he hadn’t had this much excitement since before the crash.

Slowly Zeke crewed himself out of the room. The sound of battle getting closer and closer. Suddenly the alarm’s charged.

Zeke Began to wriggle down the hall towards the sounds of battle. Suddenly he was pulled backwards, looking behind him he saw Keres, one hand on his leg, and a wicked smile on his face. Zeke Screamed as loud as he could, Suddenly his world felt strange, he couldn’t focus, he was confused… Was he looking at himself?

Zeke’s head pounded, it felt like a battle was raging inside his head, that’s when he suddenly released it wasn’t his head, He was looking at himself, he was in Keres head, he had control over Keres but Zeke could feel Keres fighting back, and Zeke knew he couldn’t hold on much longer.

Just as Zeke was about to give up he spotted an armoured man run around the corner, It was Deadalus one of the Heroes from the Freedom league.

As soon as Deadalus saw Keres he sent a blast of energy out towards him. Zeke barley managed to flee back into his own body before the blast sent Keres flying.

Suddenly a bold of electricity flew overhead, Zeke looked around to find Captain Thunder alongside Deadalus. Several other Freedom League heroes also appeared. Keres snarled at Zeke before turning and running. Several of the Freedom League members took chase.

Deadalus came up to Zeke and knelt beside him, “Don’t worry it will be all right, your safe now.†As Deadalus spoke a strange feeling washed over Zeke and the world went dark…

Zeke awoke in a soft bed, the sun was shining down on him from a nearby window He suddenly noticed a man sitting in the corner. Next to him Deadalus stood. The two stopped talking and looked over to him.

The other man introduced himself as Duncan summers, the Headmaster of Claremont academy. Deadalus than explained what had happened, and that if he wanted he could live here at the school, were he could learn to harness his powers.

Zeke was hesitant at first until Deadalus filled him in on the rest of the story. Apparently Talos hadn’t only killed his parent’s that night, but his aunt and uncle as well. Zeke was now all alone in the world. Not seeing an alternative Zeke agreed to become a student at Claremont.

Mr. Summers Wheeled around a wheelchair for Zeke, Explaining that they had tried everything they could, but it had been so long, and the damage so extensive Zeke’s shattered spine couldn’t be repaired.

So Zeke enrolled at Claremont academy and the first thing to do on his list, was to build himself a new wheelchair…

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Looking back over it, the Communication & ESP thing would cost 18pp -- 6pp for the Communication part, and 12pp for the ESP part.

I must be missing something, because according to my math's it should add up?

ESP 1-4pp/rank

Visual +2; Audio +1


Flaw: Feedback -1; Medium -1


6 Ranks?

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Ah, I missed the Feedback flaw! Okay, the cost is right.

The one thing I'm iffy on, looking back over this, is the Enhanced Int. If it was flawed to just being for Craft & Know (Technology), I'd have absolutely no problem with it being worth the Flaw (since the idea was to use it to help mimic the "intuitive inventing" of Marvel's Forge). Throwing Computers & Disable Device in there skews that a bit.

On the other hand, it still doesn't cover Investigate or Search, or most of the Knowledge skills, or straight up Int checks, so there are still some clear limits on it.

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The one thing I'm iffy on, looking back over this, is the Enhanced Int. If it was flawed to just being for Craft & Know (Technology), I'd have absolutely no problem with it being worth the Flaw (since the idea was to use it to help mimic the "intuitive inventing" of Marvel's Forge). Throwing Computers & Disable Device in there skews that a bit.

On the other hand, it still doesn't cover Investigate or Search, or most of the Knowledge skills, or straight up Int checks, so there are still some clear limits on it.

My reasoning to adding Computing and Disable device was based on 2 things, first to show he has some form of subconscious connection to understanding computers. (perhaps Computers, Limited through datalink? to show that he himself isn't that crash hot on computers, but if he connects to the computer he just sort of 'gets it' with how to use them??)

and the disable device well that was more along the term's of I figured if he could figure out how to put something together he could probably figure out how to take it apart. Although again that one could be limited to Datalink to represent that it only works on electronic devices (like disabling an electronic surveillance system ect)

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Okay, my immediate issue in looking you over is that the limit on your intelligence doesn't quite feel like a limit to me, it's basically limit: all the skills I already have anyway. It doesn't affect your ability to jury rig, it doesn't really reduce the main, huge benefits you're getting from a high int overall. I could see it if you had something like jack of all trades, and thus lacked being able to apply your int bonus to all the trained only skills you had access to and so forth..

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Well i could swap out the luck feat for Jack of all trades. I mean for the most part Zeke is a walking wireless laptop, so i could see him having access to jack of all trades. (through being able to do a quick online search, but since there not technological than he only gets his human Int. bonus rather than his enhanced?)

And did you want me to limit the Computer/disable device skill to 'online only' (aka only while using datalink, and limited to technological devices (so no picking of a door lock, but he could disable an magnetic sealed lock?)

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Well after looking over the skill's in the book again, Computers and disable device sort of cross each other a bit.

I Like the concept that he only gains access to his enhanced Int for computers while utilizing datalink, sort of shows he doesn’t really know what he's doing with computers but when he links his mind to them it just sort of works.

And as for Disable device, It would probably work more how i wanted by having Disable device - Limited to Deconstruction of advanced Technological devices. So for example basically In the Main handbook under Disable device, everything but the last option of Disabling Technology use his human it, but the disable technology is his enhanced Int. showing his innate skill to put together, take apart technological apparatus.

And i gave him Jack-of-all-Trades, I was thinking about it, and I realized at least for the knowledge skills he probably could just 'hook up' to the internet and do a mental search on it. But the knowledge checks for them are using his human Int not his enhanced. (Because it's not tech based so his brain interprets it like anyone else’s, even if he does use his datalink to access the information.)

Although I'm not really sure if this is any better of a flaw than before, and I'm not really sure how to fix it?

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His Enhanced Int no longer applies to Computing/Disable device.

However His computing and disable device enhanced skills are still there.

Both of them are still limited to Computing: Only when using Data link and Disable device: Deconstruction of advanced Technology.

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Okay.. sorry on the delay. Could you explain the dimensional pocket thing? Also, as far as healing, affects others only on a power that already only affects machines.. seems not quite so much of a flaw

No problems.

OK Healing, I don't know why that flaw was added on, as you said it's not really a flaw. Reduced Healing down to 9 Ranks, Added Power Feats: Regrowth and Persistent.

As for the Dimensional pocket, The real reason he has it, I had an Extra point to spend in. The Story reason he has it. It's someplace for him to keep stuff (like the med's he has to take every day.)

The Reason behind the -1 flaw. Since the pocket is only a small (slightly larger than a human hand.) that sits on the arm of the wheelchair (behind a protective cover.) I felt It was reasonable to assume it was therefor nothing more than a glorified backpack, and so as such could not be used as an attack (as the description of the power says.)

However If you feel It's not worth the flaw, I can always find something else to fill that 1pp slot ;)

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OK than, in that case it should be something like this.

50pp 1 hour per point or around 2 days.

At take 20 that becomes 1,000 hours work or around 41 days.

50pp at 100x faster means 50 minuets.

At take 20 at 100x faster means 10 hours

It would take him around 200hours (around 8 days) to build the item (not taking 10).

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