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I was thinking that MnM is a very open system, so I thought that we could post our favorite characters, superheros, even ourselves in MnM rules! I figure I'll start out with a character for a friend of mine, who realy like Mega man:

Players Name: Capcom

Power Level: 10

Characters Name: Megaman

Alternate Identity: Rockman, ロックマン, Blue bommer

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Hair: Black …ish

Eyes: Blue

Description: A young boy in blue armour

History: Mega was built by Dr. Light to act as an utility droid as well as serve as his son. Just prior to building the small boy-robot, Dr. Light had just released his new industrial robots: Gust Man, Cut Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, and Fire Man. All was going well until all of a sudden, all of the industrial robots went berserk. Destroying everything in sight and taking control of all of the nearby utility and security droids, the town was thrown into a panic. Mega, seeing the horrible destruction the industrial robots were causing, Mega volunteered to have himself converted into a battle robot by Dr. Light. The newly improved Mega Man proceeded to defeat the industrial robots, and approached the mad-man behind it all. Dr. Wily, Dr. Light's old assistant, had used specialized computer chips to take control of the minds of Light's industrial robots, referring to them now as the Robot Masters. Mega Man defeated Wily's behemoth the Yellow Devil, and forced him to flee from the scene. Mega Man was able to destroy the control device during the fight and was able to free the industrial robots from Wily's control.

Wily quickly returns after his defeat at the hands of Mega Man with a new group of Robot Masters. Specifically engineered for battle: Wind Man, Wood Man, Quick Man, Bubble Man, Metal Man, Flash Man, and Crash Man were all made to pit themselves against the blue bomber. After defeating them, one-by-one, in armed combat, Mega Man was led to Wily's new headquarters. Mega Man was able to defeat Wily once again, but he escaped before he could be detained.

Wily attacks Mega Man countless more times, but Mega Man always defeats him. However, when eventually Mega Man found the chance to eliminate Dr. Wily from existence, he failed to do so. It is unknown what Mega Man's fate is, but it is known that he is somehow decommissioned before the awakening of Mega Man X.

Curtsy of www.comicvine.com/mega-man/29-50037/

Complications: Wanted by Dr. Willy

Stats: 24pp

Str: 24 (+7)

Dex: 20 (+5)

Con: - (-)

Int: 14 (+2)

Wis: 14 (+2)

Cha: 10 (+0)

Combat: 32pp

Attack: +8 (+10 w/ blaster)

Grapple: +15

Defence: +8

Knockback: -0

Initiative: +0

Saves: 3pp

Toughness: +10 ( - Con, +10 other)

Fortitude: - ( - Con)

Reflex: +5 (+5 Dex)

Will: +5 (+2 Wis, +3)

Skills: 4r = 1pp

Notice 4 (+6)

Feats: 3pp


Improved initiative

Attack specialisation (blaster)

Powers: 96pp

Buster Array 40

Ar: Blast 10 (Energy blast; Pf: Alternate power; Db: full power)

Ap: Blast 20 (Fl: Full action; Db: full power)

Ar: Mimic 10 (2pt variant, only powers, one at a time; FL: limited -2 (broken mechanical beings), Fade; Ex: continuous, extra subject 3)

Immunity 30 (fortitude saves

Protection 10 (Ex: impervious)

Quickness 2 (x5)

Supper strength 2 (Heavy load 2.8 tons)

Drawbacks: -9 PP

Power loss (needs to recharge periodically, either at a recharge station or by finding energy capsules; uncommon, major) -3

Vulnerable (EMPs and things that harm electronics, uncommon, major) -3

Can’t heal (must be repaired if broken, very common, minor) -3

DC Block:


(Name of Attack) (Save DC/Type) (Type of Damage:Bruise/Injury, or other)

Blast 10 --- 20/Toughness --- injure

Blast 20 --- 30/toughness --- injure

Costs: Abilities (24) + Combat (32) + Saves (3) + Skills (1) + Feats (3) + Powers (96) - Drawbacks (-6) = Total Cost 150

This is my best shot, if you think this is about right, or if it needs some changes let me know, or better yet: Post your own! I won't be offended... much. :D

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Players Name: …Fate?

Power Level: 2

Characters Name: Sorry, unsecured website

Alternate Identity: White Drag0n

Height: 6’…ish

Weight: 250lbs

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Hazel

Description: A somewhat chubby, yet debonair man with striking hazel eyes and a laid back disposition

History: The trouble started when my cousin showed me this game called Dungeons and Dragons, I’ve been hooked ever since. I Started with 1st edition and I’ve been ingesting the stuff ever since then, now turning to the great d20 franchise. In college I got into White Wolf a little, but I’m still best versed with the D20 rules. I also play Warhammer 40K and Dark Heresy. Now I’ve moved to the big NYC and don’t know anybody around to game with, so I’ve turned to teh mystical interweb tubes to get my fix.

Complications: A bit shy and aloof, and I constantly seem to worry about how others think of me.

Stats: 16pp

Str: 12 (+1)

Dex: 8 (-1)

Con: 12 (+1)

Int: 16 (+3)

Wis: 14 (+2)

Cha: 14 (+2)

Combat: 4pp

Attack: +1

Grapple: +2

Defence: +1

Knockback: -1

Initiative: +0

Saves: 0pp

Toughness: +2 ( +1 Con, +1 other)

Fortitude: +1 ( +1 Con)

Reflex: +0 (-1 Dex)

Will: +2 (+2 Wis)

Skills: 32r = 8pp

Bluff 2 (+3)

Computers 2 (+5)

Craft (artistic) 2 (+5)

Craft (structural) 2 (+5)

Deplomacy 1 (+3)

Disguise 2 (+4)

Drive 2 (+1)

Handle animal 1 (+3)

Knowledge (art) 3 (+6)

Knowledge (behavioural sciences) 1 (+4)

Knowledge (current events) 1 (+4)

Knowledge (Earth sciences) 1 (+4)

Knowledge (popular culture) 3 (+6)

Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 3 (+6)

Perform (acting) 2 (+5)

Perform (oratory) 1 (+3)

Perform (singing) 2 (+5)

Survival 1 (+3)

Feats: 2pp

Quick change

Equipment 1


Cell phone

Leather jacket (protection 1)


Video camera

Apartment (Dimunitive, living space, security system)



Drawbacks: -1 PP

Poor (+4 starting wealth bonus)

DC Block:


(Name of Attack) (Save DC/Type) (Type of Damage:Bruise/Injury, or other)

Blast 10 --- 20/Toughness --- injure

Blast 20 --- 30/toughness --- injure

Costs: Abilities (16) + Combat (4) + Saves (0) + Skills (8) + Feats (3) + Powers (0) - Drawbacks (-1) = Total Cost 30

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