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Dead Men Tell No Tales OOC


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@Dr Archeville @Heritage @RocketLord @Thunder King


OOC for this thread. 


Here is another picture of Road Town from the north/northwest looking south/southeast, where you can see the inner harbor past where the cruise ships dock. Those hills at the top of the picture are where the PCs were driving along on their way in. About halfway up you can see where the road is by the clear cut in the trees.

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So, I totally based the Horizon on the real world Hemisphere, the larges sailing catamaran in the world at just about 145 feet long.


Here is another picture that gives an idea of its size compared to a more “normal” yacht.


The Pendennis website linked above has some good pictures of the interiors, and here is an article that has some others as well. I figure that given the uses Danger International has for the vessel, the luxury is probably dialed down a few notches to make it a bit more utilitarian, but still a very nice boat!

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@RocketLord@Heritage @Dr Archeville @Thunder King


Moving us ahead to the next morning. Feel free for one last post for the hanging out the prior evening before moving to the morning.


Also, the help with visuals here is an image I found of the flydeck on Hemisphere (the ship I am basing Horizon on) and the large extended seats/beds near where they had dinner. That is what Veronica  is lying on, plenty of room for everyone :D

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