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Corona - PL10 PC (Shofet)

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Power Level: 10 [11] (150/172PP)
Unspent Power Points: 22
Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage 

In Brief: Ex-teen supervillain trying hard to set a good example for her teenage daughter.

Theme: Black Sheep - Metric


Alternate IdentitySerena Mustafic (Secret

Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey

ResidenceFreedom City
Occupation: Retail Worker
FamilyMia Markov (daughter), Pete Markov (ex-husband), Ahmed Mustafic (Father)


Age40 (DoB: August 17, 1978)
Apparent Age: Mid-20s

Gender: Female
Height: 5’04”
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black


Serena is not a large woman, standing only 5’04”, but she manages to stand out anyway. Her heart-shaped face is surrounded by lengths of wavy black hair that falls down just below her shoulders, and is marked by almond-shaped grey eyes and a slightly crooked nose. Her eyebrows are thin and arched, with the left having a noticeable split from a scar, while her ears are dappled with earring holes running up and down the lobes. Her skin is olive-coloured, occasionally broken up by colourful tattoos, like the full sleeves on her muscular arms. She looks younger than she is, appearing to be a woman in her mid-20s rather than someone in her 40s, though most just assume she has aged very well.


In her day to day, Serena tends to go for jeans and button-up shirts, favouring flannel. She sometimes gives in and wears band-shirts, but is worried they make her look young and not likely to be taken seriously. Her choice of footwear are a well-worn pair of Doc Martens with smiley-face laces.


As Corona, she wears a grey set of tights with black trunks, fingerless gloves and combat boots. On her chest is the symbol of a three-pointed star, also in black. She accessorizes this relatively drab costume with a beat-up leather motorcycle jacket that is covered in old pins on the lapels and the faded remnants of a “KORN” patch that can still barely be made out on the shoulderblades area of the back despite the clear attempts to remove it, with the same three-pointed star in white stitched in on back. She also has a pair of acetylene welding goggles to help with the brightness of her powers.


Serena’s life got off to a rough start. When she was only 5 years old, her mother passed away from meningitis, and her dad did not feel remotely equipped to raise a child on his own, and so gave her up to the foster system. She bounced from home to home, never quite fitting in or finding her own place. She fell into illegal activity at a young age, starting with shoplifting and petty vandalism.


By the time she reached her teens in the early 1990s, no one really expected much of her. She was disinterested in school, increasingly anti-social and a habitual runaway. Combined with her criminal activities, this made her the ideal target for an organization that was looking for pliable candidates they could mould to their whims. One day, while tagging a random alley in Jersey and having run away from her foster home for about 3 days, Serena was surrounded by men who wrestled her into a van and blindfolded her.


When the blindfold was removed, she found herself in the laboratory of Dr. Will Wu, who made her an offer - he would give her superpowers, as long as she did a few minor errands to pay him back. He told her he knew she had a hard life, and that he wanted to help her. Being a dumb teenager offered superpowers, and getting the distinct sense refusal would be bad for her health, Serena agreed.


The young woman found herself strapped down to a table, injected with all sorts of serums, bombarded with rays and run through a battery of tests. She didn’t understand most of it, but what she gathered was that her skin had been made tougher and fire-resistant, and more amazingly, crystals in her blood allowed her to create blasts of superheated plasma. After confirming her powers weren’t going to kill her - something Serena only found was a possibility after the procedure - Dr. Wu and his men introduced her to the rest of her team.


It turned out Serena was not the only teenager that Wu’s men had swept up off the street. There were four in total:


l Lucas Morgan, codename Heathen. Granted super-intelligence through neural implants and given an array of cyborg bits.

l Heather Romano, codename Tantrum. Natural psychic and empath, given cybernetics to help control her powers.

l Lester Donahue, codename Beastfreak. Infused with animal DNA to make him fuzzy and give him claws, along with super strength.

l Adrian Pike, codename Kombat. Exposed to an alien combat-training AI and given super-soldier serum.


Serena, taking the name Revolt, completed the team. Together, Wu informed them, they would perform missions for him to help recoup his losses on empowering them. For a brief moment, they all thought they were going to be superheroes. Then, he told them that their first mission was to rob the lair of a tech-based superhero, which was now ‘abandoned’ after the Terminus Invasion. A few tried to back out, but Dr. Wu made it clear that he had employed fail-safes in case they didn’t comply. So they complied.


Serena wasn’t particularly bothered by the illegality of what they were doing. In fact, she found her first outing exciting. She blasted open doors, melted steel and caused havoc. Her confidence emboldened her team-mates, and they were laughing by the time they were out the door, riding away in an armoured van from the police. When they got back to Wu’s compound, they were treated to pizza and shown to their special living space, which was stocked with all the latest consoles, a big tv and all sorts of goodies. It was clear that Wu was buttering them up, but none of them, least of all Serena, minded.


Over the coming months, the team performed more and more missions for Dr. Wu, and became more infamous. One media outlet started calling them “delinquents” to disparage them, and the team ended up liking it enough to take it as their own. They also became closer, becoming a sort of family that looked out for one another. When they weren’t on missions, they’d gorge on junk food and play video-games, like normal teens would. Serena finally felt like she had a home.


The Delinquents had more than a few run-ins with superheroes once they got some notoriety, though with the aftermath of the Terminus Invasion, there weren’t many. The most common were naturally the Freedom League, to whom the Delinquents maintained a policy of avoiding pitched battle with, but occasionally they ended up in small skirmishes. Infamously, there is a photo of an incident in which Serena punched Lady Liberty in the face.


2 years into her career as a supercriminal, things were looking good for Serena. There had been close calls, especially when they started getting the notice of superheroes, but the Delinquents were doing well. Sure, it seemed like they had to have paid Dr. Wu back for their powers by then and he still kept them working, but at this point they all enjoyed it. Serena’s luck finally ran out one late November in 1995, when she and her team were sent to acquire an alien power crystal from some labs in Freedom City.


There was no crystal. It had been a set-up planted in the media explicitly to catch Serena and the rest of the Delinquents. The moment the team entered the laboratory, the building went into lockdown and the superheroes inside went to work to capture them. Desperately, Serena managed to blast a hole in one of the shutters, but only after a lot of effort. The others were able to get out in time, but the heroes caught up with them before Serena could escape. She attempted to hold them off, but even Revolt could not stand against multiple adult superheroes. Unfortunately for her, her efforts were spoiled somewhat when Beastfreak and Heathen stayed behind to ensure she was safe. Still, Kombat and Tantrum managed to get away.


Serena was taken in, charged and sentenced to 5 years in prison, the first of which was to be spent in juvie. Thanks to being a minor, her real name wasn’t released to the public. The experience in prison was humiliating, terrifying and sobering for Serena, who decided to make a clean break after her sentence was up. Released to the public, she entered into the public sphere, got married to a man named Pete Markov, and had a daughter named Mia. Four years later, she divorced her husband.


From there, she lived a relatively normal life. Being a high-school dropout limited her options, but she got by doing odd jobs. Waitressing, delivering pizzas, the like. She wasn’t rich, and sometimes she missed the old days, but she figured she was doing pretty well. She managed to reconnect with her father after the birth of her daughter, and got back into contact with Beastfreak and Heathen, who similarly pledged to leave the criminal life. She never did find out what happened with Kombat, Tantrum or Will Wu, but she did her best to set those questions aside.


Life threw another wrench when her Mia starting developing powers at the age of 10. At first, Serena thought she could handle it by encouraging her daughter to keep her powers quiet, but that didn’t work out too well for either of them. Being strained in that way made Mia start to act out in subtle ways. Serena didn’t really notice that until she got a call from the local mall letting her know that Mia had been shoplifting from the stores there. Realizing her grave mistake and terrified that she was sending her daughter down the same path she went through, Serena sent Mia to Claremont so she could explore her powers in a safe environment.


That wasn’t enough, though. She decided that Mia needed a good example of how someone uses their powers, and thus decided to take up the superhero mantle of “Corona”, taking to the streets to help keep the city safe.


Personality & Motivation:
It’s safe to say that Serena has made some fairly severe mistakes in her life, something that she is all too aware of. But ever since she got out of prison, she has been doing what she can to grow past those mistakes. She is also determined to see that her own daughter doesn’t mess up her own life in the same way her mother did, which is why the girl’s shoplifting has rattled her so much.

Serena was a punk teenager and she’s now a punk adult. She still pretty heavily identifies with the subculture, and carries a lot of its values and attitudes. Even as a superhero, she is pretty contemptuous of authority and still doesn’t fully trust the police to do the right thing. She’s also not fond of rich people and has trouble getting along even with the well-intentioned ones. She’s also a bit of a bleeding heart and works with charity when she can find free time from her job, parenting and superheroics.


Being a mother has rubbed off on some of Serena’s behaviour and when around young people, the mom in her sometimes comes out. She tries to look out for people finding their way, even to the point of fussing over them.


A massive audiophile, Serena loves listening to and making music. She can bond easily with anyone similarly inclined, though her tastes skew to music from the time she was a teenager.


As far as her superheroics go, she is motivated to be a good example to her community, especially her daughter. While still a bit crass and aggressive, she takes steps to not emulate the worst excesses of the era she grew up in. She’s painfully aware many criminals come from similar backgrounds to hers, and does what she can to try and steer the milder ones onto the path of good. On the other hand, her dislike of the rich also means that when they turn to supercrime, she really, really hates them.


Powers & Tactics:
Corona is generally a distance fighter, preferring to use her leaps to keep herself mobile and away from her enemies as she lets loose a barrage of superheated plasma. Yet she’s more than capable of holding her own should someone close the distance, enveloping her fists in plasma and wailing on anyone dumb enough to get up in her face, usually knocking them back with a detonation and allowing her to resume blasting people from afar. 


Should her enemies have weapons or other gadgets, she is likely to try and disintegrate them from afar to deny them an advantage. For more conventional fire-arms, she can usually tank the bullets, but she is not willing to risk her enemies shooting anyone else. She'll also make use of terror tactics when she can, trying to frighten her enemies into surrender with displays of her power.


Power Descriptions:
Corona's powers originate from the alterations done to her biology by Dr. Wu. Her plasma control descends from specialized alien crystals that had been bonded to her red blood cells that allow her to exude a gas that she bombards with an ionizing field, converting it to super-hot plasma. Her body's cells have been modified to compensate for this, bombarded with rays and injected with chemicals to drastically reinforce her cell walls, protecting her against direct heat , plasma and even many forms of conventional damage while also slowing her aging exponentially. 

When Corona uses her powers, the veins and arteries beneath wherever her plasma is being summoned glow for a split second before a blazing white gas flares to life, rippling and coiling around her. While usually localized to her lower arms, when she is especially mad the plasma can envelop her hole body for a brief moment.  Even her leaping ability is an extension of her control of plasma, performed by generating a small explosion of plasma beneath her feet to send herself rocketing through the air. A second, smaller explosion helps reduce the impact of the landing, though her unnaturally durable body also helps reduce much of the damage.


Mommy Duty: Serena is the mother of a teenage daughter, and is prone to worry. Occasionally, her daughter Mia will call or text, and Serena feels compelled to answer. The GM can have her daughter call, and Serena has to answer or check her phone or she will be distracted until she can.


Bad Reputation: While people may not know her secret identity of Serena Mustafic, most have figured out that Corona is formerly Revolt. Many in the law enforcement and hero community still distrust her for her crimes, giving her difficulties in social interactions with them.


Enemies: The Delinquents managed to anger a lot of people, including other supervillains. There are those more than willing to come after Serena to exact their revenge.


Semi-Secret Identity: While the general public does not know Corona is Serena Mustafic, the information is out there in government databases and can theoretically be accessed by those with the resources to do so. What they do with the information probably isn’t good.

Abilities: 4 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 22PP
Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 16 (+3)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 14 (+4)

Combat: 16 (Attack)  + 12 (Defence) = 28PP
Initiative: +2
Attack: +8 Melee, +8 Ranged

Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +10 (+8 attack bonus, +2 Str bonus)
Knockback: -10

Saving Throws: 5  + 5 + 4 = 14PP
Toughness: +10 (+3 Con, +7 Protection)
Fortitude: +8 (+3 Con, +5)
Reflex: +7 (+2 Dex, +5)
Will: +5 (+1 Wis, +4)

Skills: 88R = 22PP 

Bluff 10 (+12/16)

Concentration 4 (+7)

Diplomacy 8 (+10/14)
Drive 4 (+6)
Gather Information 4 (+6)

Intimidate 10 (+12)

Knowledge (Arts) 8 (+9)

Knowledge (Current Events) 4 (+5)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 8 (+9)

Notice 4 (+5)

Perform (Singing) 10 (+12)

Perform (Strings) 6 (+8)

Sense Motive 8 (+9)

Feats: 11PP

Dodge Focus 4

Equipment 3

Power Attack

Improved Sunder

Skill Mastery (Knowledge [Arts], Knowledge [Streetwise], Perform [Singing], Perform [Strings])


Equipment: 3PP = 15EP 

· Cellphone [1 EP]

· Compact Car [9 EP]

· Flash Goggles [1 EP]

· Flashlight [1 EP]

· Handcuffs [1 EP]

· Laptop [1 EP]

· Lock Release Gun [1 EP]

Powers: 3 + 3 + 5 + 28 + 14 = 53PP


Immunity 3 (Ultra-Reinforced Cell Walls; Ageing, Plasma[3PP]  (mutation)


Impervious Toughness 3 (Ultra-Reinforced Cell Walls) [3PP] (mutation)


Leaping 5 (Plasmatic Rocket Jump; 600 ft running long jump, 300 feet long jump, 150 feet high jump) [5PP] (plasma, mutation)


 Plasma Control 12 (24PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3, Precise) [28PP] (plasma, heat, mutation)

  • Base PowerBlast 12 (Coronal Mass Ejection) {24/24}
  • Alternate PowerDisintegrate 6 (Melting Beam) {24/24}
  • Alternate PowerStrike 12 (Supernova Goes Bop; Extras: Penetrating 6, Feats: Improved Critical, Knockback 4 ) {24/24}
  • Alternate Power: Dazzle 12 {Solar Flare; Visual) {24/24}


Protection 7 (Roughneck; Extra: Impervious[14PP] (mutation)

DC Block

ATTACK                              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed                             Touch      DC 17 Toughness       Damage
Coronal Mass Ejection     Ranged    DC 27 Toughness     Damage
Melting Beam                     Ranged   DC 16 Fortitude          Damage, Drain, Affects Objects

Supernova Goes Bop        Touch      DC 27 Toughness     Damage, Knockback, Penetrate 6, Improved Crit

Solar Flare                          Ranged    DC 22 Reflex/Fort         Sensory




Abilities (22) + Combat (30) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (22) + Feats (10) + Powers (52) = 150/172 Power Points


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Descriptors, see Page 66 in the 2nd Ed main book


What is the source of this power?

Ex.  Cyclops = Mutation, Martian Manhunter = Alien Biology, etc.

My recommendation is powers should have both Origin/Source Descriptor and Effects Descriptor(s).  These can be elaborated in the Power Descriptions portion of the template that you did not include, to allow more space to explain HOW/WHY the powers function beyond the short form Descriptors.

You can invent stuff, but we want to fit within a rough template, as Descriptors are how powers interact.  Things like Immunity, Drain, etc.

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Alright, I've made some alterations to comply with what you've asked for. Added in a more detailed explanation of how exactly her powers work under the re-added Power Descriptions subheader, and then shuffled around some details from powers and tactics while also fleshing that out more, and  Was less sure on how to do descriptors for the protection and immunity based powers, but I tried my best by including the 'superscience' descriptor.


Does that look good?


EDIT: Noticed I didn't add my strength bonus to unarmed damage, corrected that as well.


SECOND EDIT: Changed superscience and biological to "mutation" as discussed on the Discord.

Edited by Shofet
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Correction comment made in #Character-Creation regarding Superscience and Mutation as descriptors.

Player acted with edit.

Attractive counts against Skill Caps, as well it should be included in the relevant skills, should look like:


Bluff 10 (+12/+16 Attractive)

So Corona, at PL 10, can have 1 more rank of Bluff.


Please note that Attractive is interpreted here are not just "I'm Pretty," it's "I'm pretty, I know it, and I can use it."

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