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A Different Kind of Justice

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Corner of Kissinger and Michigan, Southside, Freedom City

May 15th, 2019

9 AM


The morning had been slightly chilly when the homeless shelter near on Kissinger had opened its doors, the attendants gently prodding the homeless back out into the streets, at least until the night. The small shelter had barely any funding, only enough to offer beds to sleep in during the night, with nothing but a padlock keeping the doors closed during the day. Still, even if the morning had been chilly, the day promised to be warmer, and the sun was bright in the sky. One might even suspect that it could be a good day, living in the street or not. 


And yet, the men and women that left the Kissinger shelter seemed downcast and paranoid. Most stayed together, huddled in groups, looking down every alley they came past. It was not without cause. The homeless population of Southside has slowly, but surely, been thinning during the last few months. Screams in the night, disappearances during daylight. And yet, none had seen the kidnappers. It was just homeless people disappearing, and the police cared little. But maybe the homeless of Southside did not need the help of the law. Maybe they needed a different kind of justice.

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Ms Bright

Not everyone choose the shelters for various reasons, for Ms Bright it was because she felt others could benefit more from the place. Not feeling the heat or cold she choose to sleep on the roof of the building, after grabbing a quick bite to eat. She tended to go from shelter to shelter keeping an eye out for potential trouble makers. More than one groups thinking they’d beat up a building through of homeless people was a good idea got a serious whooping from Ms Bright.


With the recent spate of disappearances she’d been following those as they left the shelter, looking for potential clues as to what had happened to those had gone.

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There had been chatter, of course. Rumors about what could have happened, who or what could be taking those that went missing. Ms. Bright had heard three 


Maybe it had been the man clad in a white coat that had been walking among them lately, preaching salvation through repentance. Some said he was staying in an old, abandoned church down on Yeats. The place was halfway falling apart, barely more than a ruin by now. Maybe he was the one taking the homeless to his salvation?


There had been rumors of a flying woman. She was clad in a white and red costume, with a mask that covered her entire face. She was apparently taking great offense to the homeless of the city, chasing them away from places that she claimed were too pure for them. She had made threats, she had postured and huffed and puffed, but so far, she had not been seen as violent. Maybe that had changed, or only happened at night? She had been seen near Freedom College.


Or perhaps, it was the large man that had been seen standing around the homeless shelters around Southside, always in the early morning. He had a short blonde buzzcut, and he easily stood more than 6'4'', with a powerful build. But otherwise, he had not been violent or even confronted any of the homeless. But, every morning, he was there, standing on guard near one of the shelters of the city. Who knew why?


The question was, of course, which lead to pursue. 

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