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[Extra PP Awards] Happy Birthday!

Dr Archeville

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In one month, on Friday October 24th, our beloved Freedom City Play-by-Post board will be one year old! As part of the celebration/commemoration, we're giving you the chance to enhance the community, show off your writing skills, and earn an extra power point or two ;)

Who: Any player who is interested, for one or both of their characters.

What: Write a 1 page (single spaced) vignette about your character that will take place on the character's birthday. It should be a story about how the character would spend their birthday, and how they view the passing of time, aging/maturing, or their own mortality (or lack thereof). If you want to write this cooperatively with another player/character, that is fine, but the submission should be about 1 page per character involved.

When: The deadline for submission will be 5:00 PM EST (GMT -5) on Thursday, October 23rd.

Where: The story can take place anywhere in or around Freedom City you like.

Why: To enhance our community, to flex your writing muscles, to think more deeply about your character, and to earn a bonus PP for your character for the month of October.

How: Once your story is finished and proofed, PM it to one of the staff members/global mods/admins. Once all the stories are in, one of us will post them to the appropriate forums.

Post here with any questions.

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What's considered 1 page?

One page is... one page. Like in a word .doc file, using an average (10- or 12-point) font.

Is this opportunity available to even new members?

Of course!

Would it have to be within a certain timeframe and area? I was considering doing a milestone, like Hawky's thirtieth, but that's eight years and an cross-Atlantic journey ago...

Or alternately, retconning Arrowhawk's birthday to match mine would place him idealy within Freedom for his thirty-eighth...

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. Do you mean, can the story be set in the future, during some far-future birthday? Certainly!

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I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. Do you mean, can the story be set in the future, during some far-future birthday? Certainly!

No, I'm talking about 8 years in the past, and in the UK. I ask because you said 'in and around' Freedom City, so wasn't sure how relevant it was supposed to be to current events.

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Two questions.

One, can the birthday post be 'unofficial/psuedo Alternate universe?', IE taking place in the 'future'? Failing that, is it fine if my character's birthday is -not- in Freedom City at all and does not feature him 'after' he's gotten his powers?

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Bumping to the top for the newer people to see.

This is a great way to gain an extra power point for the month! It brings the characters to life more as well as improve the city.

Also, if you haven't filled out your questionaire for your character, get on it. You can gain an extra power point for that as well!

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Damn, missed the deadline because the bloody net went down on me. :evil:

I would've made it by about five & 1/2 hours if it hadn't happened. *sigh*

I'll send it anyway, even if I don't think I'll get the extra pp. Story reasons and what not, setting up a future adventure.

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You did indeed miss the deadline, and so won't be counted for this contest, but your vignette will still be posted onto the board, and it will count towards your posts-per-month pp award.

Warr, the same applies to you, since you did not follow the directions for Leviathan's vignette (you were supposed to PM it to a Ref, not post it on the forum).

And to everyone who participated, we thank you! :)

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