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Better Thinking in the Lost World

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Feel free to make any knowledge rolls you wish (taking 10 or 20, mindful of Quickness feat). There is plenty of reference materials and examinations in this laboratory (bloodwork, scans, and so on, all of cutting edge spec), so its interpretation rather than "doing" stuff. 


Knowledge [Life Sciences] for the corpse and Knowledge [tech for the equipment], but of course you may find reason for other knowledge rolls!

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I'll say Dok's had his mind set on "Enhanced Wisdom" thus far (to help be aware of things and fend off any surprise mental attacks), so he's at INT 20, WIS 32, CHA 8.  And I'll keep it at that, for now.


Shapeshift/"Internalized Electromagnetic Screwdriver" at default setting

Enhanced Skills 24 (+2 to Computers, Craft [Chemical/Electrical/Mechanic], Disable Device, Investigate, Know [Life Sci/Phy Sci/Technology], Medicine, Notice, Search)["masterwork tools"] {6}
Morph 6 (one form [pre-reformatted Doktor Archeville]; +30 Disguise; PF: Voice Mimicry) ["holodisguise w/ voice modulator"] {7}
Super-Senses 7 (analytical for all radio [2], analytical for all visual [2], communication link [radio, Haus von Archeville], infravision, ultravision) ["EM Senses"] {7}


Taking 10 on assorted skills gets:

  • Investigate [analyzing clues, determining cause of death] = 23
  • Knowledge (Life Sciences) [is monkey a mutant human, a mutant ape, an alien, what?] = 28
  • Knowledge (Physical Sciences) [material analysis of gun & jumpsuit] = 28
  • Knowledge (Technology) [analysis of gun & jumpsuit] = 28
  • Medicine [assessing general condition of monkey] = 29
  • Notice [to get a good look at the room he's in & people he's with] = 23
  • Search [to maybe spot something the others missed] = 17 [with that result, doubtful]
  • Sense Motive [getting a feel for the general mood of the place] = 30


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Im not so sure about VP with that descriptor adding to skills, but on the other hand I would say those super senses give a situational bonus to the rolls. All in all its not that important and averages out! :D


However most of those rolls arent terribly useful. The mood is interested in rather than scared. There is nothing much to notice! I think the Investigate and Medicine rolls are subsumed under Life Sciences here (as it covers forensics). 


The Super Senses can act as confirmation of the pre existing data. I.e. NOrth/WEST aren't lying to you! (or at least, are showing you their data honestly). 


The SPandex jumpsuit is an advanced flexible, lightweight armour. DA can estimate that in mechanical terms its +3 toughness to its wearer whilst being almost weightless and highly flexible. Its an advanced metamolecular array or something else jargonny. Bleeding Edge tech by modern standards. 


The Energy Gun is a powerful blaster carbine unlike anything he has seen on Earth. It has blast and stun settings - fairly easy and uncomplicated to use, but again very effective (Blast 6 Penetrating / Stun 6 Ranged Settings). The energy source is exotic - some advanced hyperdimensional meta crystal (or something else jargony). 


The monkey physically is a chimpanzee with altered bones structure to make it able to comfortably walk upright. Its vocal cords are on a par with human ones. It has a significantly enlarged brain and boosted brain biochemistry, and you estimate its intelligence is similar to average humans. 


There is evidence of major genetic alteration. And the tell tale sign of a history of Darwin-X infection. 


Cause of death appears to be trauma - a blunt force impact to the chest that seemed to shatter its rib cage and internal organs. There is trace amount of bone and skin on the chest of the armour, but the genetic code of this material is a complete mess, although again, having the tell tale sign of Darwin-X infection. 



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Rather than a protracted social conversation, I think it might be better to meld this exposition with the niceties of preperation, travel, and the investigation itself. 


If you have any reasonable equipment or prep requests, please post them here and IC. You can assume that W.E.S.T is very well equiped for its job (including field work) so things like survival gear, scientific equipment, rations, etc are all pre-loaded. On the other hand, this is Rapa Nui, so any exotic requests wont be immediately available (on the other hand, you are not in a rush!). 


Draft WEST guide (I will complete it and post one day! ;) )https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10948-west-draft/ 


For reference, the WEST Jumbo Jet:


WEST of course has access to planes, submarines, and automobiles – both its own and often via assistance from other agencies. However, its pride and joy is the HORIZON, a modified cutting edge jumbo jet packed full of sensors, laboratories, and communication equipment. The Horizon is not a military vessel, but you would be hard pressed to find a better scientific vehicle.


Size: Colossal, Toughness 15, STR 65, Features: Alarm 3, Computer, Security System 3, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Quarters, Navigation System 4 Powers: Communication 8 (2000 miles, Feats: Subtle), Flight 7 (1000mph), Super Senses 19 (Accurate All Radio, Extended 3 All Radio [-1 per 2 miles], Radio Sense, Detect EM Energy [Radio, 3], Detect Quantum [Radio, 1], Detect Dimensional [Radio 1] EP Cost: 66


Agent Cortez will be a standard WEST field agent 


Sgt Henry is a SAS man with skills in Jungle Warfare and Pilot. As such, he is more than your regular soldier!

STR 14 DEX 12 CON 16 INT 12 WIS 10 CHA 10

Skills: Climb 4 (+6), Craft (Mechanical) 2 (+3), Intimidate 4 (+4), Knowledge [Tactics] 8 (+8), Medicine 4 (+4), Notice 4 (+4), Pilot 8 (+9), Stealth 4 (+5), Survival 8 (+8), Swim 4 (+6), Languages 2 (English, French, Spanish)

Feats: Improved Initiative

Equipment: Light Handgun, Knife

Combat: Attack +8, Defence +8, Damage +3 (Light Pistol), +3 (Knife), +2 (Unarmed), Initiative +5


Finally, everyone has access to Tranq Guns (Fatigue 5, Poison, Ranged, 1 Shot only before reload)


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Give me a Knowledge [Physical Sciences] Roll!


You can automatically detect the portal to the Lost World given your skills etc, to within a few yards. 


DC 30

You can detect some anomalies that indicate it is intefered with - something is holding it open, like surgical retractors. Furthermore, this is really advanced stuff!


DC 40

You can detect where, roughly, the inteference is coming from. Its incredibly advanced tech, far beyond anything known on Earth, or even in space!


DC 50!!!

for pinpointing it. Yes, these are high DCs! This is because it is incredibly advanced and stealthy tech! At this DC you can also recognise it as based on Preserver Technology

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Still good! To save face, this is still an incredibly expert, clever Dok! (Its just the tech here is Cosmic / bordeline PL X)

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