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Rock Band RE: Steven and the Colberts high score

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The other day Steven Colbert announced that he had a song on Rock Band titled: Charlene (I'm right behind you) by the ficticious band Steven and the Colberts.

If you were to look at the PS3 high scores, you'll see a band titled "Sex Kik" currently has the highest score. That's my band. I didn't play on the song that's on the leader boards, but there's like 6 or7 of us that can really play on rock band so we switch on and off a lot. Yeah we kinda went just a little nuts when we found out we had the high score. So much so that we stayed up to 4am just checking the leaderboards over and over again, and then checking again when we woke up several hours later.

So yeah, I just had to tell the internets about this small victory.

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