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Power points for questions: A new award.


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Okay.. so, some of you may recall that questionnaire posted up in off topic.

If not, you can find it here:

RPG Character Questionnaire v1

RPG Character Questionnaire v2

Now, yes, it's quite long, but that's why there's a reward for getting through doing it. Basically the idea is, fill it out with regards to your character, and post it up in your character thread in the news forum (if you don't have a character thread there yet to post it in, make one). It's a nice way of getting a bit more use out of the news forum, taking some time to really get into your character's headspace, and maybe giving other people a bit more of an impression of them.

And we'll give you a power point for your character for doing it, so come on :P

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I think I'll be doing that pretty soon, but let me ask a question, when we're on the discussion of powerpoints.

Do we get PP from events as we would in Tabletop? IE; completing a GMed adventure, or doing something very good/very sticking to our character's character.

Or is it only as time rolls on?

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As time rolls on by and large, with your power points per month award for your character being calc'd from how many ic posts you have that month. Things like news forum posts count to that total, as a note *cough*

So if you do things like post journal entries for your character there, such stuff.

Every so often we'll also do something like this, where you can get an extra pp for writing a short vingette when a particular holiday rolls around (we had them for the 4th of July and New Year's), or for something like filling this out.

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I am America and so can you!

I've gone through the questionnaire for Emissary and posted up the results in his news thread, so it can be done!

Come on, do you people hate power points or something? :P

No, but it's just so long! ;_; I felt like I was on question 34081 when I just couldn't handle it in my tiny little brain any longer. :(

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Most that reference 'Adventuring', and it as a 'career'.

How do those not apply? Replace those words with "superhero" and they easily fit:

Why have you chosen to risk your life as a career/superhero?

What do you expect to get out of being an adventurer/superhero? What, if anything, would make you stop adventuring/being a superhero?

Who trained you in your adventuring class(es)/(the use of your) superheroic abilities?

When not adventuring/actively being a superhero, what is your normal daily routine?

How do you normally dress when not in your adventuring gear/superhero costume?

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Okay, here are the questions that seemed strange to me.:

Do you have any particularly high or low ability scores?

How have these scores affected your life so far?

What is your favourite food?

What is your favourite drink?

What is your favourite treat (desert)?

Do you favour a particular cuisine?

Do you savor the tastes when eating or "wolf down" your food?

Do you like food mild or heavily spiced?

Are there any specific foodstuffs that you find disgusting or refuse to eat?

What are your favourite colour(s)?

Is there any colour that you dislike?

Do you have a favourite (or hated) song, type of music, or instrument?

If you have a favourite scent, what is it?

What is your favourite type of animal?

Are you allergic to any kinds of animals?

What do you normally wear in bed at home?

What do you normally wear in bed while adventuring?

Most of the above questions would help a player understand their characters in more detail, but it would almost never come into play in a thread. Chances of that happening is very rare.

After rereading the questionaire, I see that a lot of the questions just serve to give a deeper understanding of the character you're playing. Also, it has a very decidely "hero" trend to the questions. As I play a villain, it made answering some of the questions difficult.

Also, with questions that are negated by other answers, we can delete them in the list, right? Hopefully I'll get a chance to finish it in the next few days.

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