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Custom Feat request


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I have a concept for a PL 10 kung-fu powerhouse that I'd like to get a custom feat approved for before I submit them.

Esoteric Strike You can use your Concentration skill instead of your Bluff skill to feint or trick in combat. Your opponent opposes the attempt with Sense Motive, and gains a +5 bonus to do so if they have the Assessment feat.

The idea is that he practices a somewhat spiritual, meditative style that's fundamentally different approach from most others' fighting methods, making it difficult for others to wrap their head around and predict- but well-trained martial artists who are used to analyzing others' fighting styles have an easier time of it.

The mechanic is somewhat odd, but all of the other feint skill substitutions allowed the opponent to resist with the highest of two skills, and I didn't really think that an opposed Concentration check made a great deal of sense.

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We'll discuss this request in the referees forum, but as an initial glance, it seems like too much of a benefit to get to use a skill which is going to be high for other reasons for feinting, but the feint can't be opposed except by Sense Motive. The other thing to note is that even if a Concentration check were allowed to oppose the feint, both Concentration and Sense Motive use the same ability score. With Bluff, someone who is untrained in both skills does have the choice of Wisdom modifier or Charisma modifer to oppose the Bluff.

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OK. Should discussion end up on the side of not allowing it, let me know if you come up with something similar in structure that would be acceptable.

Hmmmm. Perhaps let it be opposed by Notice?

And for the record, the character has no Concentration powers- this is almost purely for flavor.

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