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A windy day at Jordan International Airport


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It had been a long couple of days for the young metahuman known as Warren McCue. After the incident, he had been hidden from sight, as his father made arrangements and pulled strings, and eventually, he was sent back to his home in Texas. He had only been there for a day, enough time to pack his bags, sleep, and spend a very small respite with his mother and younger brother. Then, after dealing with an nearly twenty hour flight from Tokyo, he boarded a plane headed for Freedom City.

He had dozed as he flew, but it was not enough. When the plane landed, he was hungry, thirsty, and a bit tired. With a grumble, he left the plane, carrying his carry-on bag with him as he did, and heading into the main lobby of the airport, looking for food, any sort of food.

He ended up picking up a pair of burgers and some fries, as well as a Mr.Pibb/Dr. Pepper knock off, sipping the drink as he got his bags, and walked out to the exit, looking around and to see if there were any taxis which he could hail. He hunkered down as he looked for the Taxi, the wind that day was strong and he didn't want something of his to start flying off. It was so windy he was beginning to think some superhuman might have caused it.

And with an internal groan, he regretted not putting up a fight to going to this 'capital of the superhuman world.'

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Flight never got boring, flight was one of the things that could keep her mind occupied and off the realities of life, of living in a cardboard box, not knowing what would happen the next day. Because most of the time she tended to forget that she didn't have the needs as she once had.

She was currently floating in a lotus position about a hundred feet off the ground just outside the Jordan International Airport. Ionica enjoyed seeing the planes that landed and the ones that took off. Sure she too could fly, yet there was just something fascinating about these colossal behemoths of metal capable of carrying hundreds of passengers from one place to another.

Ionica is dressed in her 'super-heroine outfit', actually one of the two outfits that she owned, and was definitely not falling into the background, with it's blue and yellow theme, fitting her hair. A few of the bystanders were staring up at her, some even pointing at her, to show their travel companions, whether it be children telling their parents, parents telling their children or perhaps just friends telling friends. Ionica did not seem to notice this, instead watching a large jumbo jet on it's way to take off.

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The young man continued to watch for a Taxi to show up, his eyes focusing on that more than anything else. He didn't see any of them which weren't already claimed, so he simply stood there, bunkered down over his bags. His stomach growled again, and he pushed his bags to the ground, sitting on the biggest one, while it held the other's down by their straps.

He opened the bag of food up, and took out a hamburger. A heavenly smelling hamburger which was likely to have its smell wafted into the sky with this level of wind. He took a bite of it, making a noise of clear enjoyment as he did. As he was too busy paying attention to his personal needs and wants at the second, he didn't even notice Ionica floating above him.

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A little girl standing near the eating teenager grabs the skirt of her mother and gives it a few tugs, while pointing up into the air.

"Look mommy, is that an angel?" the small girl asks innocently, before the mother shakes her head and drags the girl into the airport.

"No, that's not an angel. It's a metahuman and I hope it's not a bad one," the mother mutters as she walks through the sliding doors.

Meanwhile Ionica remains floating, while her eyes keeps focused on a plane which is slowly descending from the sky with it's cargo of passengers.

"Wow," she says, almost inaudible and definitely not loud enough to go above the noise made by the plane.

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A thought came simply to the young Texan, and it was that the rest of his experiences in this city were like this one, he would hate the city immensely, by the end of it. The wind continued to blow heavily, and he took a bite of his hamburger, looking up at Ionica and shaking his head before looking to the street once again, trying to find a taxi, but not seeing one even coming near, yet.

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"Hiya." The young man responded looking at her as he did, and giving a nod, before turning back to look out at the street. She probably couldn't see it from this far, but his nostrils flared for a moment, as he let out a barely audible sigh, before turning back to her. "Is it always this hard to get a taxi in this place?" He paused, almost losing grip of his handburger, and as he squished his grip onto it to keep hold of it, splattering it into pieces. His eyes narrowed in irritation, but he didn't move or say anything.

"And is it always windy around here?" His research had told him already the answer, but no way to make time go faster than small talk.

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After being asked about taxis, the flying girl shrugs and mutters something that might be translated into Dunno. "Ain't like I'm using taxis and stuff, yaknow. Costs too much and I can fly." Ionica then simply comments to Warr. "Do you want a lift? I mean I can easily lift you and I can fly, so I could fly you whereever you're going. And the wind isn't going to do anything either, I'm too awesome for that" she then says with a small smile. "The names Luc... uhm, I mean Lady Ionica, the amazing superhero!"

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As much as he felt being nice to this, the first other superhuman he had met, he could not help himself but to respond. Those blue eyes of his looked up at her for a moment, and he smiled.

"I dunno, I mean, wouldn't it be taking away from your time to fight super villains, Lady Ionica, if you were being a supertaxi to me and my bags?" His voice was perfectly calm, and tone unladen with sarcasm, but the way his nose almost twitched as he said it should've made it apparently to many that he was being sarcastic. But it might escape Lucy, who knows.

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The young heroine frowns at that comment, obviously missing the sarcasm.

"The super villains are hiding themselves," Ionica then says with a sigh. "I've been looking, but couldn't find any. So I went here to watch the planes instead. So I guess flying with you wouldn't ruin anything anyway, because the bad guys are hiding or something." The last is said with a small pout.

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He couldn't help but smile at the girl's response, his mind instantly pinging the thought 'A super airhead', to her. He simply smiled, shaking his head. He wouldn't fly with this girl, because as well intentioned as she might seem to be, he didn't know her, and as cute as her attitude might be, he couldn't simply go on a wild ride with all of his prized belongings just on whim. Maybe he'd see if he could find her -which he knew wouldn't be hard if he was looking for her costume, such a brazen set of materials would make it easy-, after he was settled into Clairemont. But he didn't even know if he'd do that, and he also wondered if this girl went to school there.

She was, obviously, around his age. "Where do you go to to school, Lucy?" He asked, and he almost said something else, but he heard a scream of 'Help me, he stole my purse!' from down the sidewalk. Though he would have liked to keep his identity as secret as could be, he couldn't stop himself. Instinct kicked in, and suddenly, with a pull from his mind, a nearby water main broke, spraying out water that quickly became a mist around the robber.

Warren jumped without a word to Lucy, his 'leaping' at the robber more than what any normal person would. He cleared the forty or so feet between him and the robber in mere seconds, tackling the robber to the ground, and holding him there with all of his strength, which would be best described as akin to trying to resist steel, in this situation.

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"Lucy? There's no Lucy here. I'm Ionica," the 'super air head' says, looking left and right, obviously lying. She doesn't even notice the robbery, until she sees Warren make a leap against the robber, tackling him. Then she blinks, trying to understand what just happened. "Uhm... Wha....?" she mutters, looking first at Warren, then the robber and finally the broken water main. Then she blinks, tilting her head a bit, trying to find out what just happened.

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The young man didn't even hear his fellow metahuman as she spoke, too far from her and paying too much attention on keeping this robber pinned. He glared at the man, who looked at him with an expression that was no less than entirely fearful. Warren simply glared on, and said simply.

"I'm going to let you get up, and you're going to go give the nice lady her purse. If you try to run, the next one is going to be a flying clothesline." He looked the man intensely in the eyes. "Understand?"


He smiled, before giving the robber a nod and getting up, pulling the robber up by his collar, and turning him in the direction of the person he robbed.

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"What happened," Ionica asks, as she flies over to the cute boy, who's now playing a bit rough with one of his friends or something. She does pout a bit realizing that the boy finds it more fun to be with this friend, but on the other hand, she just met him, so she can't expect too much, right?

She then casts a closer look at the distance Warr leaped, raising her eyebrow, looking a bit shocked. "Wow, are you like one of those olympic athletiti... uhm, sports people, who can hop really really far?"

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The young man blinked, realizing that what he had just done. He didn't actually look at Lucy, because his vision was too focused on the movements of the robber, and making sure he did exactly as he was told. However, he did speak to her in response, his mind whirling over it, and deciding that was the best cover for now.

"Uh, yeah. I'm a pole vaulter. I just had to stop that guy, he was stealing the old lady's purse." His expression was as neutral as he could make it, before he walked over to the water hydrant and reattached the valve which had been blown off via his hydrokinesis. He looked at Lucy when he was done, and hope her airheaded-ness would continue and she'd not realize what he had just done would require immense strength.

As soon as he saw the man give back the old lady's purse, he went back to his bags, walking slowly but steadily, intent on getting to them in the most mundane way possible, and getting to them quickly.

"So, Lucy, where do you go to school? I'm sorry, you might've answered me before, but I didn't hear you, because I was too focused on that." He had already decided to call her Lucy, Ionica was a silly name, and he liked Lucy far more than he liked Ionica.

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Ionica didn't seem to notice the strength required to shut off the valve. She does however blink when she hears that Warren's friend is a thief, not a friend. "Oh. I didn't know that. That's cool. You must be a pretty good pole vaulter, are you winning lots and lots of competitions or is it more for fun? And isn't it kinda boring?"

She then watched the guy give the purse back to the old lady, wondering idly why she wasn't the one to do that, because it's a heroic deed, right? She suddenly blinked, realizing something... Warren stopped the purse snatcher and helped the old lady, therefore he was a hero! She forgets everything about being called Lucy and about school, as she quickly asks the next question.

"Are you like a hero?!? That's so awesome, can you teach me to be one?"

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Because his attention was mostly on the criminal, he hadn't said a word to Lucy in response to her questions about 'athletics', and instead simply watched the man. He listened blankly to her rambling, and after he was sure the man was far enough from the old woman to not attack her again, he looked at Lucy.

"Well, Lucy, not really. I'm just a normal guy trying to do the right thing." His voice made that phrase almost sound acted, but as he realized the implications of her words, he rushed forward, stopping centimeters from her ear which was nearest to him.

"I'm going to go to a school for kids like us, actually. Going today. It's to help us learn to use our abilities, and to realize the reasons why people are motivated to be heroic. You can't just be taught to be one, it has to come from inside. But..." He paused, smiling. "I'll see if you can come, too. But, you've got to hide the costume."

Without a word, he went into his carry on bag and pulled out a folded up garment, which he unfolded and handed to her, a large jacket which would at least hide that blatant, thing which was her costume.

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"Name's Ionica," Ionica mutters, as Warr once again calls her Lucy. "A school for kids like us? But school is boring. How can there be a school for kids like us? What is kids like us anyway? I know I'm Ionica, but you're like... uhm, I don't think I ever got your name." She then shrugs slightly. "Nut really into school and stuff, yaknow," she then comments with a shrug. "Ain't like they teach ya anything useful 'n stuff. I dun need to know what the side of a triangle is n' stuff."

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Because it's the polite thing to do, Warren didn't even start to interrupt the chain of responses from Ionica. He simply watched her while she spoke taking into mind the series of words she had said, and shook his head. It came obvious to him that she wasn't exactly 'all there' mentally, and probably hadn't even what he was. She definitely hadn't noticed his leaping, and he came to a simple solution.

"It's not just to teach us things to make us academically smarter. It's also to teach us to be better at using our abilities, whatever they may be. And to tell you the truth, I'm not sure I can say what I mean with 'people like us', unless you can figure it out yourself. However, you could figure it out yourself if you want, very quickly. Ionica, hit me."

He was still holding up the long jacket which was in one of his bags.

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"Yet it was me, the 'normal good Samaritan' who stopped the robber? Haha." He laughed quite a bit as he said that, and simply turned to stand by his bags, putting his coat on himself.

"You don't have to hit me if you don't want to, but you'd realize what I was talking about if you did." He yawned, watching for the Taxi.

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The young man didn't even try to step away from her hit, expecting full well for it either to not hurt at all or hurt only slightly. She hit him hard enough to surprise him, for sure, but not so hard that it really hurt him. Where he had expected a sting, he instead felt the hurt of a bruise, and his breath was out of him for a moment.

He looked at the girl, despite this, with the closest thing to a smile an out of breath man could do, his mind mostly focusing on being out of breath, as opposed to actually hurt.

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"Erm, er..." a quiet voice said. She was about 18 years of age, small and shy, although pretty cute. She held a small hold all, which you can clearly see a six inch stiletto poking out. She was pretty scared being around.

Lullaby shuddered at the punch. She had a hand inside the hold all.

"Perhaps...some singing would help?" she offered shyly, a small smile on her face.

"Please, please say yes. I really want to sing..."

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"OH! Sorry sorry, I'm so sorry, are you okay?!?" Ionica asks, while she flutters around Warren, checking if he's not broken anywhere. "You asked me to do so, but I thought you'd jump away or something, since you're like a sportsman. Didn't know I'd hit you." She looks like she's about to go into panic, looking left and right, then up and down, before back at Warren, only to find her concentration (or erraticness) being broken by the girl talking about singing.

Ionica blinks and turns to look at Lullaby, studying the other girl with a rather... empty look in her eyes. "Singing? Uhm... What? Singing about what? Uhm, why? What's with singing?" she asks, confused, very very confused.

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