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Evanna Lynch probably suits Ionica, she just needs to have some hair dyed blue and wear red contacts. For those who do not know who Evanna Lynch is, then she's the young actress playing Luna Lovegood in the latest Harry Potter movies.

Otherwise Hayden Panettiere could perhaps fit, but I think Evanna is better.

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The pic I used for Zephyr is Taylor Momsen, before she dropped all of her babyfat and tarted up for Gossip Girl. I suppose she could do the role if she worked out and put on a bunch of muscle (and stripped off a few layers of makeup). I literally just used Google, IMDB, and Wikipedia to find a selection of 16-year-old actresses, grabbed a few pictures, put them in front of AlderWitch, and asked "Which one's your daughter?"

If this was the early '90s, I could've seen Jenny Lewis in the role. Those of you born before 1984 (or with a love of cheesy nostalgic cinema) may recognize her from her film roles (The Wizard, Troop Beverly Hills, Foxfire), but now she fronts an indie rock band (which would work doubly well, since it would remove the need for trick photography during the inevitable music scenes). Alas, she has aged out of the role in modern times.

Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame might work if she can fake an American accent.

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To play KC in human form (as Blake) I'd probably have to go with Christopher Mintz-Plasse. I was going to go with Michael Cera, but Blake is weird, not awkward. KC would have to be CG'd, of course. ;)

You might also want to look at Jesse Eisenberg, the lead from Zombieland. He's cut from the same cloth as Michael Cera.

What's that? You haven't seen Zombieland yet? RENT IT RIGHT NOW!!!

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Well, now that Divine doesn't have a straight picture for a description, I have to say who it is :P Her name is Iga Wyrwal. Do not look at name up at work! She's a glamour model (not porn). Though she wears blonde hair these days, she'd have to go back to her natural red. Oh, and she has a heavy Polish accent. So either she'd need some voice lessons or a dubber :P

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I'd have Mickey Rourke play Atlas. Well, he'd play Samael, there'd have to be CGI for Atlas.

And Vince Offer for Dynamo, with a healthy dash of the Scout from TF2.

Atlas just got x100 more awesome now that I'm picturing him as a CGI'd Mickey Rourke.

And Dynamo just got x100 less awesome now that I'm picturing him as the ShamWow guy. Was Mark-Paul Gosselaar not available? :D

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