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Anyone like to help?


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I've got a character concept I'm trying to work on getting stated up, and with the fact that I've not -touched- the system in nearly half a year, if not a bit before that, and also with the fact that I've never got much experience with building characters even before that, I'm sort of at a 'k?' point.

The concept is basically this: The character will be an 'engineered mutation', of sorts.

The little 'mini-draft' history I came up with him was pretty much this; in World War II, the United States government participated in funding quite a few top secret experiments, and of course the classic 'Captain America' type experiments did take place, my character's great-grandfather will have been one of the people who took part in them. The people in his experiment group did not, however, get injected in a 'serum', they were instead injected with a chemical formula which was supposed to induce growth of an Atlantian gene which was injected along side it. The government was hoping to create 'super-marines' capable of making the US have an upper hand on its enemies in sea warfare, and also a defense against any of the sea kingdoms which existed.

In almost every testee, the cocktail didn't take, and in some, it killed them. My character's great grandfather, however, did have his genes changed, ever so slightly. With each passing generation, the gene mutated slightly, until the current generation. My character's genes will have been 'waiting' for the mental trigger to force the change, and when traveling with his father to Japan for a business meeting his father had, the 'trigger' will have happened, in the middle of a well visited Japanese beach, in the plain sight of public. Someone will have needed help, and their call will have pushed the mental capacity of my character, making his 'inner hero', part of his brain kick in, giving what would normally just be a spurt of adrenaline, but instead, making my character's genetic activate and thus making him mutate. Though he seems 'normal' aside from being a gaijin (The Japanese word for 'visitor'), his hydrokinesis has 'activated', forcibly calming the waters around the beach, and his instincts force him into the waters, cutting through them like a hot knife through butter, until he gets to the person that needs to be saved, and drags them to safety.

He's sent back to America as quickly as possible to keep him out of the news in Japan and keep his identity secret, because it was just lucky for him no one got a -good- glimpse of his face. His dad pulls what strings he can to make sure it -stays- that way (IE; random youtube videos of his son saving that person don't show up), and he's given the offer by the Clairemont Academy to attend there (The character'll probably be in his late teens, seventeen or so, likely.), and the father accepts the offer especially with the fact the Clairemont Academy says it'll try to help keep his son's identity 'quiet'.

Powers wise, my original thought for an 'Failed Atlantian Hybrid Mutant Kid', were Hydrokinesis, Some added level of toughness, strength, and of course the immunities to breathing under water, etc. But I'm not sure on the specifics or even how to figure them out.

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Hmm. Well, it's not really that bad, I think.

First off I'd probably just apply the Atlantean template, found in the Freedom City sourcebook. If you don't have that, I'll just put it here for you.

Atlantean template.

Strength +4

Feats: Environmental Adaption (aquatic)

Powers: Immunity 3 (cold, drowning, pressure), Swimming 2, Super-Senses 1 (low-light vision), Super-Strength 2

This costs template costs 15 PP.

Then on top of that buy Element Control (water), add some alternate powers. Maybe a force field of water if you need some protection. And then you basically have what you're asking for.

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First off, let me 'officially' welcome you to the board :) Please feel free to introduce yourself in the "Secret Identities" thread (see my .sig for link).

First question about your character: do you want him to be PL 6 or PL 10?

I figured PL10 would make it funner, especially because I plan to play him as a 'hero who's yet to come to terms with himself or realize that he's got the will to be a hero/the power to be one.'

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