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Davyd's panic at his current predicament faded as he saw the ease with which Miss Grue shifted, replaced with the awe of seeing a superhero in action and the thrill of wondering if he'd be able to pull off what she could do.  "Right, right, just focus," he said, "just focus on- hold on..."  He closed his eyes and mouth, okay, focus my thoughts, remember what I want to look like, he thought, what I had looked like.


The Balloon'd Lynn began to deflate, collapsing in on itself, but her features also started fading.  In moments, the large Sphere of Lynn was replaced by a roughly Davyd-sized mass of protoplasm, an indistinct, muddy hue that on closer inspection is really a scattered, glittering swirl of every color that human flesh could come in.  The blob pulsed and swayed a bit, then rose up into a column, like a candle melting in reverse.  Arms and legs extruded out, finer lengths sprouted from the top, and other features bubbled to the surface.  His form resolved itself, as did his beige outfit.  Now, Normal Human Davyd Palahniuk was standing before them.  "Wow... thanks!"

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Lynn sighed, recalling a previous time she'd helped a Grue hybrid who was struggling with his shapeshifting; of course, that was many years ago, and led to a surprisingly steamy kiss...


"Okay, good hustle out there, kid," the suddenly pink-cheeked changeling declared as she loudly clapped her hands like a high school coach. "As you can see, Miss Grue will be an excellent mentor, whereas I will serve in a more advisory capacity. I can't do growth or add extra limbs or stuff like that." She stopped and did an little shrug. "Well, I can; I used to, but now it's a lot harder, so I prefer to just, y'know, play to my strengths."

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Miss Grue

Daphne was glad it worked so well, it was difficult to tell what would work as to her was pretty much second nature. There was also the fact she didn’t know just how much Grue there was in his nature.



“If you don’t mind, I'd like to get a few scans of you physiology. Baby, she’s my ship, has a Grue medical bay so it should be able to find more information than Earth based scanners. If you’ve not had enough of being poked and prodded obviously!”


Having been scanned herself a few times in the past she understood just how bad it could be, though mostly they’d been friendly really.

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"You have a spaceship?!" Davyd gasped.  Of course she does, why wouldn't she?  And surely this is not like one of those movies where an unsuspecting teen is lured into the alien vessel and subjected to probes and- ah, crap, telepath!


He cleared his throat (and mind), "uh, yeah, sure, that'd be great.  It's been about a week since my last prob- er, medical test, so I'm up for it!"


He morphed again, now looking like a football quarterback, "thanks, coach," he told Lynn, "I really gave it 110% out there!"

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