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Ions and Argent (OOC)


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If the two of you don't mind I wonder if Exile might not get involved in this. Given that demons are involved I can think of three ways for the old mystic to shoehorn his way into this. Firstly; he's investigating their presence, more specifically who brought them in since an improper summoning can have some pretty nasty consequences if there's any infernal powers who notice it. Secondly; he's actively opposing them, seeking a way to end this venue of the arms race (likely due to some deal or pact he's struck with someone else). Thirdly; he's actually the one supplying the demons, given that he's a highly competent mage with a greater than average interest in the material world he's one of those who could do such a thing (and his ability to alter his appearance means he can to a certain extent avoid being identified and incriminated.)

If any of these sound good, do say so.

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Argh, having reached (or, nearing), the fight portion of things, kinda taking the thread towards wrap up. I could always work this in to the following patrol thread with Dr Archeville that will be following this one though, though I honestly try to keep them to two people. Could always work up some larger involved scenario thread off of the idea.

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sorry on the delay, work's been a pain.

Init of Emissary is..


heh, 13

Init of demons is..


a mighty 12

Init of goons is..


.. hilarious. 17.

So technically Ionica, Goons, Emissary, Demons. Since Ionica is waiting on a signal though, I'll get Goons and Emissary out of the way.

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Emissary will be attempting to do an improved grab/throw into Ionica's flight path via the making punchy..


hahaha.. okay, as funny as constantly rolling 2s is, I believe I'll spend a hero point here.


Hokay.. so the 25 total hits..

The demon's toughness save..


Tanks the shot completely with a toughness save of 31, so, the grapple checks:

Emissary gets a..



The demon gets a..



Up it goes!

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annnd.. the demon's toughness save


20 total, so the thing is stunned and bruised,

annnd... another for being smacked back down into the ground..


from which it's just fine

The other demons then try to rip into the Emissary..


missing really badly on a 10..


and coming much closer but not quite on an 18..

And the goons will do their rah rah ineffectual fire guns at the people who make them go ping thing.

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