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Contour vs. Bellow

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After his meeting with Sammy and his tour of the Gallery, Contour heads back to his home on an indirect course, first going due south and then approaching Lonely Point from the south-west.

As he does so, he Notices (1d20+5=11) a burst of flame descend from the sky and hit a largish building well off the main roads.

Veering over to see what is going on, Contour puts up some of his defenses [Forcefield 10 (impervious 6)] which drops his speed considerably, and covers him in a shimmering golden fields of force.

Bellow Notices (1d20+7=14) him come flying in and rises up above the now burning storage building and mobile home and looks at the approaching super, not sure if he is a threat or not, or even who it is. [no Know-Current events]

Contour also tries to remember this super and Know-Current events (1d20+4=16) does not remember much, just that he is called Bellow.

To be continued

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Bellow sees the possible hero approach and stops blasting the warehouse, instead rising so both he and Contour and Bellow are a good hundred feet above the burning building, and about fifty feet apart.

"Bellow? What are you doing?" says Contour, causing Bellow to look at him more carefully, trying unsuccessfully to figure out who this golden hued super is, and where he learned Bellow's name.... and what else.

Bellow tries to regain the advantage by a quick dazzle and repositioning. He shoots out a flare of fire, incredibly bright [Dazzle Rank 12 Reflex save DC22 ] but Contour averts his eyes and Dazzle save (1d20+8=27) follows Bellow as he flies incredibly quickly a hundred yards to stop in the top of some trees.

Contour smiles grimly as he realizes the game is on. He reaches out, his powers stripping magnetic force form the earth itself and causing ribbons of force to surround and attempt to bind Bellow in place. [snare Rank 10 Reflex DC 20]

Bellow sees it coming and tries to get away, but Snare Save (1d20+8=19) it is not quite enough. Not totally caught and not totally free, Bellow demands, "Why are you in my way? That is not a good place to be."

To be continued

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Contour smiles, though he is pretty nervous right now, "Well, I doubt that was your building you were busy burning there.......

Bellow is not too happy right now and decides to take this confrontation to the next level. He fires a blast of non-lethal fire at Contour that flows at Contour (1d20+8-2=26) and hits him very hard indeed [CRITICAL] and Contour resists (1d20+10=14) badly [unconscious]

and Controur falls to the ground, waking up hours later, with the building in utter ruin, the firemen already come and gone and Bellow nowhere in sight.


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Contour groggily looks up into the night sky and spends a good minute trying to remember where he is, and why he is lying in the dirt. Once he remembers, he starts to a sitting position and looks around, expecting to be in danger, but none is around. Contour probes his flashburned face and arms, and i relieved to find out that it is not that badly hurt. The shock must have gotten to him more than the actual fire, he surmises.

After a few minutes, he gingerly turns his powers back on, aware of how helpless he must have been after falling from the sky and very glad to not wake up Bellow's prisoner, or not wake up at all.

As he gains altitude he looks toward the buildings that were on fire and finds them totally gutted, aware that they are far worse than the last time he saw them, and they are stone cold, so he must have been out a while.

Angry with himself, he guesses one of the reason he was taken out so easily is he had nowhere near his full defenses up. If he had had them all up, like would have been intelligent, he would have been a lot harder to hurt. Bellow had been more powerful than Contour had through.

He will have to remember that.

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