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It was dark in the room save the red light from the alarms and Nicole sat alone in that room, a table set in front of her. Her laptop sat there, facing her.


The klaxons blared throughout the Mojave Installation but it was almost silent where Nicole sat save for the low clicking and beeping from the various machines that filled the room. Nicole had commissioned them from the Installation and Vegas had obliged her. Wires and cords and capacitors ran all across the floor, weaving around until they converged into one and entered Nicole's laptop. Another cable snaked from her laptop to strap around the Horologium. With mundane technology and a little bit of ritual magic she had connected the entire installation to the Horologium. A contest of will between two inanimate objects.


In a way, it was exciting to see what would happen.


As the seconds ticked by the red light flickered, each time turning the room pitch black. She had most everything she needed save for one whose presence was most valuable, yet even as the battle above continued she waited patiently in her wheelchair. Then with an unseen cue Nicole took a tarot deck from her side and drew a card, sliding it facedown on the table.


The lights failed again, sending the room in an all-consuming darkness, and when they powered back Bellios loomed across the table from Nicole. Its visor, mirror-shined to perfection, was impassive as it regarded her, but when Nicole flipped her drawn card, she could see her grin's reflection turn bloody, red from the alarm's light.


"The Tower. Quite apropos given the circumstances, wouldn't you say?"


She pocketed the remaining cards and raised her hands to her face as her sight left her but Nicole did not fret. She remembered where everything was.


Only Bellios' visor glowed a dark red.


"Now, let's begin."

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Nicole's tinkering was a success, it seemed. Through her mix of both science and the arcane, she had connected her laptop to the Horologium. It had not been easy, and who knew how long it would work? No matter, it seemed like it would work for now, and that would have to be good enough. All she needed now was to put it into use.


The cannonball from the nearest ship had smashed into Zenith's barrier, weakening it once more, but without breaking through, but the second ship, still approaching, shot once more, yet another glowing cannonball flying through the sky. Below, the young heroes could only barely make out the pirates of the second ship singing shanties about rum and treasure.

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