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A hit! 


Reflex save vs. Snare DC19: 17, caught and entangled!


Justice keeps her distance and fires and Enhanced Justice Shot: 1d20+9 = 17, which is a hit.

Enemy TOU save vs. DC26: 21, fail by 5, so he's out, and combat ends for now.


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There's the logo for the nearby warehouse on the bone man's pants. There appear to be blood on his shoes and on some of his bones, though whether its his own or others is hard to tell. 

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Alright, bone guy is back in action, and he's mean and he's pissed off and beefed up! Thanks to ES, the heroes are ready and skips surprise round, so let's see some initiative!

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Since enough time has passed, I'll get two rolls to try getting rid of that bruise, vs DC10: 13

Made it on the first one


Monster Initiative: 9

Justice Initiative: 13


You're up first, then! The bad guy seems pretty clearly stronger than before!


16 - Emerald Spider - 2HP - Unharmed

13 - Justice - 1HP - Unharmed

9 - Enemy - Unharmed

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Nice hit.


Ref save: 9


Wrapped up, bound and helples, but the monster still got his spikes all over dealing damage to anything around him, like the snare. So give me a DC24 TOU save for the Snare!

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