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"You're trying to tell me those amateurs were, what? Embassy security? Secret service?" The wry smile pulling at LaMarr's lips fell as Summers failed to correct his incredulous supposition."So you've got vans full of fools with the subtlety of a backhand across the face staking out movie theatres with assault weapons so some prince or whatever can have low key a semester abroad? Somebody signed off on that?" He raised his eyebrows over the tops of his sunglasses and made a sweeping gesture to underline his disapproval. "Sorry if I don't keep up with the royal wedding tabloid cycle but who's parents wouldn't settle for getting their name on a new wing of your school?" He'd dealt with plenty of accents in his day and the gunmen hadn't given much away, even when he startled them. Probably Americans who'd been hired for the job, then.

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