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March 17, 2019 
Claremont Academy 

It was St. Patrick's Day, so naturally Judy had dressed for it; a green dress with white flowers that went below her knee, and a nervous, almost hesitant smile as she made her way to join her World Religions study group in the library. She greeted Danica, Pan Ayjay, hugging her book to herself before she said, "Um, Ashley said she can't make it today, so it's just us." She looked around at her study buddies and commented, "...so, Ah was thinking, that since we already know about Buddhism and stuff, and this is just review anyway, we could mostly just...you know, maybe do other stuff?" she asked hopefully. Judy struggled in some classes, and occasionally turned a bright, mortified red when particular subjects came up, but she'd always done quite well in World Religions. 

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Pan knew nothing about this St. Patrick's day, or who this saint even was, but as it just so happened, he liked green, and he had been wearing a green t-shirt with a pair of white birds wings on his back on this very day, so Pan would not end up getting pinched after all! The lack of pinching was certainly a plus, as far as he was concerned!


He was sitting in mid-air in the library, his jean clad legs folded up under him as he balanced his book on the tip of his finger, seeming far from interested in actually reading it. This world's religions sounded so odd to him, as he had made the study group know on at least a few occassions. It was not that they had multiple different religions all over or anything like that. There was a few different beliefs back on Neverworld, and he had shared some (like the people that believed that the turtle islands were gods), but still, a lot of Earth's religions just seemed so strange to him. Especially how everyone was fighting between them.


So, Pan was more than happy with Judy's idea! Anything was better than actually doing schoolwork, after all! He floated by her, shifting to lying on the side in mid-air, his head resting on his hand. "I am always happy to do stuff other than studying! Did you have anything in mind?"

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White Lioness

Àjàṣorò understood the idea of St Patrick's day but hadn’t felt the need to dress in anything but her usual riots of bright colours, it was a most confusing thing. Still she made it through the hustle and bustle of the students relatively unharmed, making her way towards the library. She entered the library just as the conversation was starting, but thanks to her heritage has excellent hearing.


“What do you have in mind for today?” she asked in her “American” voice, it was always fascinating to see what the real locals like to do.

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