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Wolverine and the X-Men: a new animated series

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Weird, I was sure I'd started a thread on this...

This premiered in Central and South America last week. The ep was on YouTube (in Spanish) for a short while, but was soon yanked.

From Variety

Animated Wolverine Series in the Works

Source: Variety October 17, 2005

Variety reports that Marvel Entertainment has teamed with Indian animation company First Serve Toonz to produce an animated X-Men series centered on Wolverine.

Marvel Studios chair-CEO Avi Arad and FST chief executive Ed Borgerding will announce the project today, during this year's Mipcom TV mart.

The companies are set to produce 26 episodes, which will be available for distribution in 2007.

The announcement follows last year's news that Marvel and French animator Antefilms Productions had partnered on a Fantastic Four animated show available next fall.

Marvel will oversee domestic distribution; FST will handle international and DVD sales.

Official trailer.

Liberation Entertainment announced that the first DVD will be released on November 3rd in the United Kingdom. No word on an American release.

IMDB page w/ voice cast.

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A new X-Men series is pretty good news, but I've got a gripe on the name "Wolverine and the X-Men" I don't really like them making Wolverine a seperate entity; he's either part of the team or he's not. There is also the problem that I am incredibly cheap and won't likely shell out the money for the DVD's and being American, it looks like I might have a bit of a wait before it comes out either way.

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I have to admit, it looks pretty good. The only problem I have is with Wolverine all of a sudden being the leader of the X-Men. He's always been a lone wolf, not a commander. Why isn't Cyclops stepping up? Professor X was grooming him to be the field leader, not Wolverine. The only thing he has going for him is popularity, which is enough to net him the top spot, apparently.

I'll still give it a look. At least they're not teenagers anymore. (Ugh. :P )

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