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Moving In: Contour

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Contour came here a few weeks ago, flying in from the southwest, when he had decided to try and experience a new kind of life, a life of cities and other people and things. Lots and lots of things. First, there was the desert, full of things if you looked closely, but empty and sterile if you did not, but still teeming with life compared to the reaches of space that Contour had recently begun to love and explore as he could. But he was not ready for deep space, especially that between the stars, and he knew it. His powers were not mature enough, and he was not mentally mature enough either.

So, he needed a place to grow, a place to test himself against others and to compare himself to toerhs, to speed his growth and maturity.

And he had chosen Freedom City, arguably the best city on the planet, and much in the news recently, with all the activity going on here. It was where Contour wanted to be.

So he came in low, flying merely s fast as a jet, dragging his headquarters along behind him, its weight negligable to one who could lift an entire bridge, or a skyscraper without too much effort. He came in quietly, trying to avoid houses and roads, looking for a good place to put his base, a place where it would not be stumbled upon or even noticed, hopefully.

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Contour spent as little time as possible scouting a site, looking for a lower place that had several gullies/canyons/or jsut ow areas that he could use to fly to and from his base under teh radar, as it were.

But it did not take long to find that, and then Contour was off to start exploring Freedom City. Lifting off, Contour headed up, to give Freedom City a look at him, and to get to know the area a bit better. Heading for Downtown:Midtown

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