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Who wants to play a game of cat and mouse?


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NeuroLogic's boredom has manifested in a truly deadly fashion. She seeks opponents worthy of her mettle, and will do anything to draw out those she feels are smart and powerful enough to challenge her. The following story appeared on last night's news:

"Police are baffled today by a grisly murder. The body of the victim was found under a pier at the boardwalk late last night, and has not been identified so far due to the extreme damage done to it.The only clue found is a cryptic note, apparently left by the murderer. The police are asking the public for help in identifying any missing persons matching the victim's description. He is male, caucasian, and believed to be in his mid-forties. In addition, the police are seeking the cooperation of the Freedom League and the metahuman community in capturing the murderer. For Channel 3, I'm Amy Feng."

The letter left behind by the murderer was also posted on Channel 3's website, and reads:

Truth, Regrets, Understanding and Wonder leave everybody. All know some evildoer and trust in

oblivion. Oh, sinners. Goodness is lost, retreating, crushed. My thrice told secrets. Listen or

miss something personal. A little O-Positive should help you. That I enjoy. Our newfound

youth lets live my life now, or whenever fate allows. Some creeps come sincerely,

However Ed and Edna kill everybody, not everyone. I rage against real afflictions. Neuro

(Etc.) toxins yet invade innocent people. Eye exams reject good truths. Evidence, Trust, Logic.

To Fort Heen, Odin’s Post-Mortem is Delivered

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Umm... I've run the puzzle by some of my friends, and they say it's too hard. So if anyone wants in on this without having to crack my messages, you can leave it up to your characters. Rolling intelligence/sense motive/knowledge(physical sciences seems closest, what with mathematics being in there) checks, asking for help from people like the Raven, whatever!



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