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Kavos - The Ember Paw - PL7 Villain (NPC Tier 2)

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Name: Sirius Vulpes

Alternate Identity: The Ember Paw

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Size: Medium

Height: 5’7â€Â

Weight: 110lb

Hair: Black

Fur: Red/white/black

Eyes: Blue (Human) Blue (Fox)

Identity: Secret ID


Power Level: 7

Power Points: 108/113

Trade-Offs: 0/0

Unspent Power Points: 5


In human form, Sirius looks like an average twenty one year old, with long black hair, and blue eyes. He has a thin rather scrawny athletes build, and wares casual clothing. In his Fox form, Sirius looks like a humanoid fox, His hair, clothing (Which were modified to fit a hidden tail hole.) and eyes remain the same, but he also gains a think layer of fur. The Majority of the fur is a rusty red colour, while his chest and face feature white fur, with his ears tail, hands and feet coating a rich black fur. His noes and ears also enlarge to match there Fox counterparts, as well as a large bushy tail, which Sirius has little control over.


Sirius Vulpes is a direct descendant of an ancient druid sect from the English isles. During his studies Sirius’s ancestor came across an ancient spell, one that would allow him to take on the traits of animals. Unfortunately the ritual backfired and killed the Druid. But not before it’s ancient magic was unleashed on his unborn son.

Many moons later his child was born, Strange Red markings covered the boy’s shoulders and chest. The communities other druids attempted to discern the markings but were unable to, until the boys 20th birthday, were the now young man suddenly transformed into an anthropomorphic fox. Though the Druids tried, they never discovered the origins of the boy’s powers.

As the years passed he eventually had a child, a daughter, and she too had the same markings. And so many generations later the ancient magic still emanated through the bloodline.

Sirius, the latest member of the family to inherit the Fox magic knows little about his past. His Magic skills are still week at best, and he has much to learn about magic and his own abilities. Discontent to slowly learn Sirius has taken the mantel of The Red Fox were he masquerades in his Fox form to steal items of Magical origins.

Sirius had a hard childhood, being runty compared to the other children meant he was always the first to be bullied, which only got worst the older he got. By high school Sirius had grown bitter, He spent most of his time running and dodging bullies in high school. Unfortunately matters only worsened when he got to collage. Suddenly the Bullies became a lot bigger and stronger than him while he was still stuck in his scrawny five foot seven, one hundred ten body.

Sirius hats bullies more than anything, but he is bitter about it. He has no problem being a bully and intact enjoys it. If he sees someone being bullied he won't go to there aid, his reasoning, "Nobody ever came to my aid."


Sirius is immature and lacks patients. He wishes to have power and wealth and will use his powers to get it. But like his furry counterparts, Sirius lacks bravery, preferring to run than fight a losing battle. On occasion he can also be quite cunning, however his immature nature hides the fact most of the time.


Sirius is fast on his feet, utilizing his quick speed to attack foes with powerful Fox Fire kicks or punchers. He will also open up with his new magical abilities, firing a ball of magical energy from afar.

Sirius will often leave a burning paw print as a cooling card, thus his Villainous name The Ember Paw.


Lose end: Lynn Know's that Sirius is Ember which may cause problems if Ember get's publicity as a Villain.


STR: 12 (+1)

DEX: 26/14 (+8/+2, fox/human)

CON: 14 (+2)

INT: 12 (+1)

WIS: 14 (+2)

CHA: 12 (+1)


Attack: +6 (+6 Strike / +6 Magic [Fox]) +4 Human

Grapple: +14 as fox, +7 as human

Defense: +6 (+3 flat-footed) as fox; +5 (+2 flat-footed) as human

Knockback: -2, -1 flat-footed as fox; -1 as human

Initiative: +8 as fox, +2 as human


Toughness +4 (+2 flat-footed) fox; +2 (+2 flat-footed) human

Fortitude +3 (+2 Con, +1)

Reflex +11 fox, +5 human (+8/+2 Dex, +3)

Will +4 (+2 Wis, +2)

SKILLS 22r = 6pp

Acrobatics 4 (+6 as human, +14 as fox)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 4 (+5)

Language 1 (English; Irish is native)

Notice 4 (+6 as human, +8 as fox)

Search 4 (+5, +7 as fox)

Stealth 4 (+6, +14 as fox)

Survival 1 (+2)


Benefit 1 (Wealth 1)



Defensive Roll 1

Dodge Focus 1

See also Enhanced Feats under Powers, below

POWERS 16+12+2+2+2+3+8+8+3+7= 63pp

Enhanced Dexterity 16 [16]

Enhanced Feats 12 (Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Focus (Melee)2, Attack Specialization [Magic], Defensive Roll 1, Dodge Focus 1, Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Grappling Finesse, Improved Trip, Move-By Action, Sneak Attack, Uncanny Dodge [olfactory]) [12]

Enhanced Skills 8 (Acrobatics 2, Notice 2, Search 2, Stealth 2) [2]

Leaping 2 (x5) [2]

Speed 2 (25 mph; 250 ft. as a move action) [2]

Blast 1: (10ft, DC 16, 1 AP) (Fire/Nature Magic) [3pp]

*AP: Strike 1 ("Fox Fire"; PF: Mighty) (Fire/Nature Magic)

Super-Senses 9 (All Audio Senses [Extras: Extended], Low-Light Vision, Normal Olfactory [Extras: Acute, Analytical, Detect Magic, Extended], Ultrasonic Hearing) [8PP]

Morph 4: (broad group: Humanoids +20 Disguise) [8pp]

Device 1: Mystic Key (easy to lose) [3]

Device 2: Spell Book (Three spells) (easy to lose, Restricted (Druids) Drawback –1 (Power lose Unable to Read & speak) [7]

Device 1: Mystic Key

Enhanced Feat 1: Luck 2

Super Movement 1: Dimensional 1 DB: One way only - To grove [-1] (Fox Circle Grove)

Super Sensors 1: Communication Link (Nature Magic, Linked to Gwen Vulpes)

Device 2: Spell Book

Magic 4

* Blast 4 (Base) (40ft, DC 19) (Fire/Nature Magic)

* Move Object 4 (40ft, Strength 20, Carry 133/266/400/800)

* Snare 4 (40ft, DC 14)


Normal Identity (Common / Major) 4pp

Involuntary Transformation (Uncommon / Irresistible) 2pp (4 pp 2 not counted)

Sirius can be transformed from human to fox and vice verse by anyone who speaks the command spell.


Unarmed -- DC 16 Toughness, 18 w/ Sneak Attack -- Damage

Strike -- DC 17 Toughness, 19 w/ Sneak Attack -- Damage

Magic Blast -- DC 19 Toughness -- Damage


Abilities 18 + Combat 16 + Saves 6 + Skills 6 (22/24r) + Feats 5 + Powers 63 - Drawbacks -6 = 108/ 113

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The skills and feats he loses in his human form should be listed as Enhanced Feats & Enhanced Skills under his "Fox Form" power.

Normal Identity removes all powers. If you still want him to have his Magic in human form, then I'd suggest doing his "Fox Powers" as an Alternate Form, with a drawback indicating that it takes a full round to change.

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Can he only use his Magic in his human form, or is it available in both?

Your Fox Form power is really quite spread out, and could stand to be a bit compacted:

Alternate Form 7 (Fox Form; Drawback: Full round action to change, -3) [32pp]

* Enhanced Dexterity 12 [12]

* Enhanced Feats 14 (Acrobatic Bluff, Attack Specialization , Defensive Roll 2, Dodge Focus 2, Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Grappling Finesse, Improved Trip, Move-By Action, Sneak Attack, Uncanny Dodge [olfactory]) [14]

* Enhanced Skills 8 (Acrobatics 2, Notice 2, Search 2, Stealth 2) [2]

* Leaping 2 (x5) [2]

* Speed 2 (25 mph) [2]

* Strike 1 ("Fix Fire"; PF: Mighty) [2]

* Super-Senses 3 (low-light vision, scent, ultra-hearing) [3]

That's 37pp worth of stuff in the Fox Form, so you'd need to either remove 2pp worth of stuff from the alt form, or increase the Alt Form power to 8 ranks (and then you could add up to 3 more pp worth of stuff in the Alt Form).

I left out the "Enhanced Defense" and "Enhanced Toughness" you listed because it seems the Dodge Focus and Defensive roll feats cover those. Do you want him, in his human form, to have any Attack or Defense bonus?

Also, some of your skills seem off:

His Acrobatics should be 4 (+6) human and 6 (+14) fox.

Escape Artist should be 0 (+2) human and 0 (+8) fox.

Stealth should be 4 (+6) human and 6 (+14) fox.

because his human form doesn't get the Enhanced Dex.

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Ok so I’ve moved Defence Role (1) and Dodge focus (1) out of his alternate form to indicate his athletic ability, as well as lowering the container to 30pp. Added a few hidden numbers between his human and fox forms. Lowered his fortitude by 1pount since the full round flaw didn't quit cover the extra pp's from the container, and I’ve fixed up the skill's you said.

And to answer your questions...

Can he only use his Magic in his human form, or is it available in both?

Yes, while he only has a small blast at the moment, i would eventually like to expand it into other useful skills he can use in both his human and fox forms.

Do you want him, in his human form, to have any Attack or Defence bonus?

Yes and no, I would like him to keep most if not all of his Attack, putting it down as practise with his magic blast, although it could be lowered a little to show the lack of sensory skills in his human form. and Defence i thought should be lower because he's slower and not as nimble in his human form, same with toughness.

Although if his points line up atm, and there’s no other faults, I’d rather not mess with his stats too much, the more i modify him the harder it gets to keep track of his points :?

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Sorry 'bout my absence, some shiny things distracted me ;)

You list some things as Sirius (like some feats and his Magic). Am I correct in thinking that those only apply to his human form? I.e., does each form have Defensive Roll 1 and Dodge Focus 1, or does his human form have Defensive Roll 1 and Dodge Focus 1 and his fox form have Defensive Roll 2 and Dodge Focus 2?

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In human form he looses access to all fox powers

In Fox form he retains access to his human abilities.

So in fox form he would have Defensive Roll 2 and Dodge Focus 2 as well as his magic

OK updated the sheet (With the help of the good Doc :clap: ) and expanded his history a little bit.

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