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The following in an except from http://www.redstarrawks.com:

Mood: Totally SUPER! :super: Song: Andrew W.K. - Party Hard

Hey, thanks for tuning in everybody. In case you found this by accident, let me clue ya in here. I'm Red Star, and one day I'm doing to be the greatest hero on the face of this earth. But in the mean time, I've got to pay my dues and learn from the real heroes, the Freedom League. So you're probably asking yourself why would a guy like me even have a blog, let alone a public one, right here at http://www.redstarrawks.com (gotta get the name out somehow :) ). The answer is obvious; having super powers makes for amazing stories to tell!

People write dozens and dozens of pages in true Wall o' Text format describing their trip to the super market or what they did on vaction. I'm sorry but if you're going to go into that much detail, at least spice up the story a little. But me, I can't write, like at all, well except for this, but you get the idea. Anyways, I can't write, but I've got cool stories to tell. It'll be all like: "Hey Red Star! What'd you do today?" and I'd be all like "I threw a truck at a giant gorilla. That was on fire. Not the truck, the gorilla. But the truck did become similarly inflamed." and it'll be great.

So basically that's that. Log in if ya want to see my totally out of this world (maybe even literally! *crosses fingeres*) adventures. Oh and yeah, I'm gonna kinda have ta keep a few things on the DL, because I think a few people might want to have a few "words" with me if I go around saying stuff like: Raven and Thunder sittin in a tree...

And before ya go, tell all your friends about this blog and if you're feeling generous, there's a donation jar in the bottom right; super-bill paying is sadly not part of my daily breakfast, to mix metaphors.

Wait, wait, wait, almost forgot. I took a camera when I went out flying last night, which is like a million times more awesomer than it sounds like OMG. Anyways, I got tons of cool pics of FC from a couple hundred feet. A few are blurry cuz I was going to fast XD clicky the linky for pics

Alright, I'm out for now, I'll be flying over West Side soon, if you're a fan, lemme hear ya!


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