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Healing/Regeneration Questions


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Firstly regeneration. Let's say you got Regeneration 2 for the Bruised Condition, so you recover from bruised every standard action. Does this mean everytime you have a standard action, you heal this condition, or do you have to expand a standard action to heal?

Secondly, lets say you've got Regeneration 3, but this time for the Injured Condition, so you recover every minute. Do you basically need to sit around the entire time for Regen to kick in, or can you be actively engaged in activities? So for example you got injured and have been in combat for another 10 rounds miraculously got getting injured again, would you then recover?

Now onto healing. Let's say you've got a Con of 20 (+5 mod), and Healing 6. So they use healing on themselves, and they get a recovery check "with a bonus on the check equal to your Healing rank." What I'm not certain about is whether or not a person's Con mod (or other recovery bonuses) get added into this as well. In short, do they add 6 or 11 to the d20 result?

Now healing with the extra: action (standard), along with the personal flaw raises a question or two. Suppose you just got staggered and want to recover, but can you? You have the action to use the Healing power itself, but it doesn't affect the full-round recovery action the subject needs to take. So if someone could explain this interworkings to be, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks yet again.

(I was looking over Instand Superheroes, the Living weapons specifically and saw this)

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1) You need to use a Standard action. It wouldn't make sense to get the next level otherwise.

2) Basically, to regenerate, you need to be doing something non-strenuous. Resting is pretty much the only action you can take.

3) It would be 11. You add in your CON bonus.

4) You know, I'm not sure on this one. I think Healing (the power) negates the need for a full-round actionm, but like I said, I'm not sure.

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For #4, I'd say -- by the rules -- yes, you can. UP says you cannot use Healing on yourself to heal your own staggered condition, since Healing is a full action and when you're staggered you cannot take full actions, only a standard or move action. But if you've bought the action up to standard, you could use it even while staggered.

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