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Down in his bunker, Eric Micheals slowly closes a panel on a console, having just finished with the wiring. “Well that should be it then.†He walks a few steps over to his left where there is a large green button on the console, his hand hovering over it. “Here goes nothing.†He says as he depresses the button. For a moment nothing happens but then a low thrum is heard which builds in volume and power.

The buttons and gauges on the console slowly start coming to life. Eric looks over the console meticulously, observing every single dial, gauge, lever and button. “Power is steady, all systems are actually getting power, all safety measure are in place and holding, and heck, no explosions; that’s better than last time. Let’s see if my luck holds out.†Eric dug in his pocket for a moment and pulled out a key, which he put into the center of the console and turned it to the right. Eric’s eyes darted back and forth as he checked the console again.

Satisfied with the progress of everything. Eric flipped 2 switches, and pushed a blue button. He looked through the window as the lights in the arena came to life one after another. Eric then spent the next few moments systematically going through every switch and button, making sure they were all functional, all the while a big doofy grin plays on his face.

“Well, I suppose the sensible thing would be to stay up here where it’s safe and run a few test simulations to make sure everything is running properly…†His thoughts wander to the Mantle of Freedom sitting just one floor above him. “But where would the fun in that be?â€Â

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Now decked out in the Arms of Malice, Eric steps back into the elevator and can’t help laughing at the traditional elevator music on the way down. Well they do say the line between genius and insanity is blurred… Back in front of the console, Eric takes a moment to sync the controls in his suit to the console so he is able to control the console from his suit, in theory.

He descends the stairs into the arena, and pauses a moment to take in the view, hands on his hips. He then turns around and closes the blast door at the base of the stair case using the panel next to the door, and also does a double check to make sure the door opens again, before shutting it for good. He runs for a moment before taking off and doing a few practice laps to get a lay of the land.

Setting down in the center, Eric opens up a small panel on his arm. Hitting a button or two he brings the system to life, “Alright, lets start off nice and easy. Level 1.â€Â

Eric is taken aback at how quickly the system starts to work, as 5 drones pop out of the ground and go to work. All 5 raise their guns in unison and unload. Two of the drones’ aim are off but the rest are on target. Normally bullets of this caliber aren’t much of a problem, but Eric left himself wide open and pays the price. And it is only through a hastily executed maneuver that Eric avoids serious injury.

Eric quickly takes to the air, putting some distance between him and his assailants. "Yeesh. Note to self, I make very good weapons." Surveying his targets he decides the best course of action is to attack all of them at once and launches the Liberation Cannon at each of the drones,hoping to take out at least a few of them. The mini-missle barrage flies through the air leaving winding smoke trails that create quite a beautiful pattern, at least to Eric. The damage done is quite impressive. One of the drones is reduced to scrap, another is barely functional and another two sustained quite a bit of damage, and even the last one was damaged a little.

End Round 1 standing: Initiative- Drones 6, Eric 4

Drone 1: “Unconsciousâ€Â; Drone 2: Bruised, Stunned, Staggered; Drone 3: Bruised; Drone 4: Bruised, Stunned; Drone 5: Bruised, Stunned; Eric: 0 HP, uninjured

The drones are using the stats of the Soldier from the 2E core book.

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Out of the smoke and wreckage one of the droids lifts its gun and opens fire on Eric. The bullets plink harmlessly off of the Mantel of Freedom, which lets Eric confirm his suspicions; the suit can repel bullets, but not a wall of lead. A mechanical clicking and whirring sound comes from Eric’s right arm as the mounted gun comes to life. Pointing it at the droid he says “Mines bigger.†Before unloading on the droid. Round after round perferated the droid’s body reducing it to slag.

“Wait, did I just say ‘mine’s bigger’? ...I made both of those guns. And I said it while destroying some of my own personal property… I really do need to talk to a shrink, or at least stop talking to myself.†The sound of gunfire snaps Eric back to his senses as he takes evasive action. “Or at least when I’m not being shot at! I swear I’m the dumbest smart guy I know. …and I’m still talking to myself, great.â€Â

End Round 2 standing: Initiative- Drones 6, Eric 4

Drone 1: “Unconsciousâ€Â; Drone 2: Bruised, Staggered; Drone 3: Bruised, Unconscious; Drone 4: Bruised; Drone 5: Bruised; Eric: 0 HP, uninjured

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As this is only level one the drones have yet to be imparted any real tactical know-how, but they have grasped the concept of 'more bullets = good' and as such the drones attack en masse. However, the 'more bullets = good' strategy works only if one is able to hit their target, a task which the drones have failed at, and the few bullets that hit their mark plink of Eric’s armor.

Having used only guns so far, and having established that his opponents are of little actual threat to him, Eric decides to wade into melee. But remembering the maxim that anything worth doing, is worth doing with style; Eric jets up towards the ceiling, and then goes into a sharp dive, rocketing towards one of the droids. At the last second, Eric does a forward flip, intending to plant his boots solidly in the droid’s frame.

The droid responds to this awesome display of power by executing the daring maneuver of taking 1 step slightly to the left and emerges unscathed, while Eric puts a nice dent in his floor. In the momentary silence that follows, Eric looks back and forth between his own feet and the droid standing next to him. In utter disbelief, Eric turns to the droid “…Really?†to which the droid merely shrugs. Eric looks at his opposite shoulder and is about to release a dejected sigh when a sudden thought occurs to him. “Wait, I programmed you to shrug? Shrug!? Great, my death bots know how to shrug. *Sigh* ...I really need to get myself a girl friend.â€Â

End Round 3 standing: Initiative- Drones 6, Eric 4

Drone 1: “Unconsciousâ€Â; Drone 2: Bruised, Staggered; Drone 3: Bruised, Unconscious; Drone 4: Bruised; Drone 5: Bruised; Eric: 0 HP, uninjured, but a little depressed

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