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Warehouse Weapon Warfare

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February 10, 2019. 2 AM. The Waterfront. A Warehouse.


Everyone knew weapons were smuggled into and out of Freedom via The Waterfront and it’s many warehouses. One would get raided by cops, AEGIS, or even superheroes now and then, but the flow in and out never entirely ceased. These were going to be shipped out. The crew involved were newcomers to Freedom City. Normally they worked further south, out of Miami, but this was too good of a deal to pass up. Yes, even to risk the wrath of Freedom’s vast multitude of superheroes and AEGIS’s unofficial headquarters. So here they were. They called themselves the Bad Boys, after the two movies. At any rate, the buyer would be here shortly to both pay and take possession of the shipment. After which, the Bad Boys would hop on the motorcycles and get the hell out of this crazy town. This was the plan. But the plans of low level criminals in Freedom City seldom went right.

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The Waterfronts of Freedom City and of its counterpart of Talon's native Earth could not have been more different, as he was more or less coming to expect. First off, he'd been waiting here for over an hour and there hadn't been the sound of so much as a single gunshot, let alone the volleys that would have accompanied a late-night gang feud in Empire City. Secondly, there were hardly any people out and about at this time of night - most such folk would have been drug addicts and criminals in Empire City, but there was a noticeable absence of such people here in Freedom City's Waterfronts. Finally, there was something missing in the air - it could have been a lack of the edge of danger that was nearly omnipresent in Empire City, or it might've simply been that the sides of the buildings facing the water were bleached by sunlight rather than the other way around. 


Of course, while in Empire City gunrunning was a matter of necessity for shipping companies, in Freedom City it was a matter of choice - and an illegal one at that. Talon shook his head slightly. His alternate counterpart's organization was buying from the gunrunners, presumably to arm all of his imported criminals. Taking down this arms deal would not only prevent arms and ammunition from falling into Tyler Lee's greedy claws, it would catch his attention. The plan required Lee seeing enemies at every corner, so here Talon was, hidden atop a warehouse's roof in the rather brisk early February morning, waiting for the chance to take out the would-be arms buyers. Ideally, they'll blame each other for the mess that's about to happen...


He cracked a grin beneath his cowl, brown eyes narrowing as he peered out at the empty streets surrounding his chosen vantage point. It's going to be good to get back into the dance.

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Terrifica normally left things like this to the police, or heroes from the Crimebusting server. But you know…it was nice to get out into the field every so often. The fact that she suspected this would be a little more complicated than thug punching had nothing to do with it. So she was actually inside the warehouse, Chameleonic Field Projector enabled and Stealth’ed up in the rafters. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what was bothering her just yet. A pattern in the data…ah, the buyers were here. Wait, that wasn’t right. East Asian, wearing red (with black trim) short shorts, sports bra, fingerless gloves, and almost knee high boots. Terrifica knew this woman. “Rowdy” Reiko Hinomoto had no need for weapons of any kind, and more importantly, she did not work alone. Where was her other half? Where was Dixie Clements?

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Reiko Hinomoto had surprised the Bad Boys with her entrance. Their leader, a man named Malcolm, spoke as she entered the main area of the warehouse. “Didn’t expect one person pick up. And you’re empty handed. Where’s our money?”


“Those weapons are stolen property. I’m with the owner. We’d like them back.” Reiko was blunt and to the point, as always.


Malcolm only laughed. “Jamal, get this crazy woman out of here.”


Jamal, who dwarfed the smallish Reiko by at least two to one, went to grab her. She sidestepped him effortlessly, and a picture perfect head kick left him out cold on the warehouse floor. “Is that how you want it, then?” The Bad Boys pulled blaster rifles. “Fine.” Blaster fire erupted in the warehouse.

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Talon's expression hardened slightly as he glared down at the group. This isn't who I was expecting. Dammit. He hadn't factored in the possibility of another criminal group interfering in the Bad Boys' business, and now he was going to have to deal with the consequences of a botched run. Well, at least the woman - he vaguely recognized her appearance from some of the searches he'd done previously on Freedom City's underworld. Reiko Hinamoto. Ex-wrestler turned criminal. Where's her partner, though? 


Switching his cowl's vision into infrared, Talon quickly scanned for the smaller woman's partner. He should be around here somewhere. I know that it is possible she's on her own on this, but... He rolled his eyes silently. Possible isn't the same thing as likely. Now, where are you... Clements?


He could only take so long, however - things were going to come to violence below, and while a part of him was deeply tempted to let them fight it out, someone would likely die in the process, and that would be... wrong.

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