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VideoGeek (Colton Browning) - Last IC post June 29

Cotoloti (Rusty Nail) - Last IC post July 16

Master_Pelle (Reflexion) - Last IC post June 28

spectrevk (Catherine Kato) - Last IC post July 23 (hasn't logged in since July 25, posted that she's left the game near as I can tell)

Seren (Blue Blaster) - Last IC post July 16

golentan (Neurologic) - Has never made an IC post with his PL 10 character (approved on July 16)

Ryoga (Captain Communist) - Has never posted IC (approved June 8 )

Geez3r (Malice) - Last IC post July 8

Shadowboxer (Twister) - has not posted with Twister in more than a month

Kanos (Aaron Shui) - Last IC post July 15; however, the player recently announced his return.

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Just posting to say my character (Wesley Knight) is not willingly inactive. Waiting for my thread to continue in Southside, also trying to get into another thread. Sorry if this is off topic for this thread.

Why not start a personal thread for Wesley somewhere?

An out-of-continuity post every now and then in such thread can serve to further develop the character a bit and/or shed some light on his past while letting the judges know the PC is not inactive at the same time.

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[...] Can I get a rundown on how individual posts work, because I hadn't realized that was an option. [...]

I don't think there are any special rules - besides the usual "no snappy one-liners!". ;)

Make that thread the "Neurologic Annual" (or the "Neurologic 0" if you prefer that): A look behind the scenes - the story we always wanted to tell but couldn't fit into the regular series - the man behind the mask (incl. special friends and enemies) ...

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I'm not willingly inactive either, I've been trying to start/get involved in several threads. Can I get a rundown on how individual posts work, because I hadn't realized that was an option. And if it's news stories I have the one journal entry by my character.

For a good example of a solo thread, take a look at the Burning Down the House in Southside. It's a great example of a solo thread.

For a weaker example of a solo thread, take a look at my thread A Night of Culture.

You can come up with something in between and get a story out for yourself. Sometimes, the solo thread attracts attention and another player might request to join, like Summer Vacation

There is a lot of options here at the site and no reason why something can't get started.

If you are interested in seeing other players join in perhaps at a later date, simply put that information in the OOC thread that you open at the same time as your IC thread. And don't forget to PM players that you would be interested in playing with as well. You'd be surprised at how many people will be willing to join in.

Good luck!

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