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Sand and Water OOC

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Surprise round action: Sandstorm, only affecting the bad guys.


MMG array set to Environmental Control

WD array set to Insubstantial

WS array at Flight


Initiative: 1d20+10 = 22

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The robbers get a 5 on their initiative check, so…

Round One


22 Dust Devil (unharmed, 2 HP)

5 Robbers (multiple)

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Changing arrays around:

MMG array set to Guardian's Strength

WD array set to Impervious Toughness

WS array at Super Strength


The Sandstorm stays in effect due to Continuous duration. 


DD tries to get in between the people and the robbers, and uses a Super-Strength Shockwave aimed into the store to try knocking the robbers down. DC25 Toughness save, with DC20 Reflex save to reduce to DC20 Toughness.

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Okay, will say that you get 3 robbers in the shockwave (in addition to smashing out some more glass and some other collateral damage.  All three miss their Reflex saves and miss and miss their toughness saves (forgot to make that first roll three rolls).

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Okay, as Dust Devil takes in the scene unfolding before him, he notices a pool of water flowing out of the back room behind the robbers, moving toward the robber holding the hostage.  The water is not moving like one would expect water to move, like, it is not just expanding outward like spilled water would on a tile floor, it is moving like a river.

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Alright, once the water gets right up underneath the hostage and the man holding her, it then suddenly rises up into the air and forms a barrier over the woman that is toward the gun.  The criminal fires, but the water barrier easily makes the DC 18 toughness save to protect the woman.

So, Dust Devil is up!

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They are minions, so you could have just taken 10.  Anyway, that hits and he cannot pass that toughness save, so he goes down.


To speed things up, I will say the last guy starts to run, not getting very far given the hampered movement.  Then Tsunami appears from the entrance to the back of the store and fires a blast of water that knocks out the last bad guy (as she can take 10 and he will have even less chance to resist the attack that the guy Dust Devil hit)

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