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I'm almost done with my character, but there's one thing I'm not certain of that I'd like clarified before submitting him.

I've read that minions cannot have minions of their own, but is it kosher for sidekicks to have minions? My character is a sentient and highly intelligent white Persian cat, running his own nefarious SPECTRE-esque criminal organisation. I'd like to simulate a sort of "command structure", with a number of high-ranking sidekicks who command generic mooks, but I'm not sure if it's allowed.

Thanks ahead,


EDIT: Nevermind, read on Atomic Think Tank that sidekicks can't have minions. I'll make do with less. :)

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Thanks! I'll introduce myself upon posting the character - which will be soon, I hope. :)

Anyways... Erm, I has a kwesshun. :? I've decided to give my character mind control powers. For one of these, I'd like a touch-range power which would be similar to possession - he could take over the body of a person holding him, suppressing his/her mind, and thus talk and be able to overcome his drawbacks (no hands, mute), but he wouldn't actually merge with the body and the possessed would have to be willing (so basically limited to his minions and sidekicks). How do I do this? Limited Mind Switch or Limited Possession? Or something else entirely?

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