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A Danger Christmas

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Joint United Nations and Danger International Refugee Relief Camp

Just south of the Burundi/Tanzania border along the shore of Lake Tanganyika

Tanzania, Africa

December 25, 2018; 6:40 PM local time


Veronica Danger was seated in camp chair outside the pair of refurbished Ecopod cargo containers that served as her family's quarters at the relief camp.  The sound of Post Malone and Swae Lee's Sunflower came through her headphones from her iPhone as she looked up from the sketch she had been working on in the leather bound journal in her lap.  The subject of teenage Danger's sketch was slowly fading in front of her, as the sun set over the Congo across Lake Tanganyika from where Veronica sat. 


In her young life, Veronica had seen hundreds of amazing sunsets from various exotic locals, and now she had the memory of yet another to add.  This was hardly Veronica's first trip to Tanzania, with her having first visited to join in a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, returning a year or so later to visit Lake Victoria and then a third time to travel through the Serengeti.  But this was her first time along the shore of Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania's western border and the world's longest freshwater lake.


This trip however was not as nearly as exciting as the three prior, however it was one of far greater importance.  Tens of thousands of refugees displaced by unrest in Burundi were living in camps just inside the borders of Tanzania and other countries.  The morning that her winter break had begun at Claremont, Veronica had aboard a DI relief plane from Freedom City, bringing medical supplies and personnel as well as food to the region as part of the ongoing UN and DI efforts to address the crisis.


Since Veronica had arrived at the refugee relief camp she had been almost constantly on the go, working at several medical stations providing vaccinations and basic first aid for any injuries as well as helping distribute food to the various refugee camps.  Though today had been Christmas, it had been no less busy for the teenager, as she again spent a morning at a medical station before again helping to distribute food throughout the afternoon. 


While the work had been rather routine, the mood at the various refugee camps had been very different.  Christmas was an important holiday in Burundi, one that was celebrated all day long.  In each of the camps, large spaces had been cleared for the people to gather to dance and sing.  Veronica had taken a number of pictures of these celebrations, from which she would chose a couple to add to her journal in addition to her various sketches. 


The teenage Danger was glad she and Janus had found a few other students that were as dedicated to fixed and intense exercise regimes as they were, otherwise she might been feeling these long days more than she did.  The rather sedentary life at Claremont had been something of an adjustment for Veronica, luckily there were excellent facilities for exercising, challenging classes and interesting classmates to help prevent the school from being completely dull. 


Just as she was pulling herself out of her thoughts of school, her father came up to take a chair next to hers.  "Hey Ronnie, you okay?"


Veronica gave her father a smile as she gave a small nod.  "Yes dad, I am fine.  Was just lost in thought a bit."  She then held up her journal for him to see her sketch of the sunset.  "Was just finishing up a sketch."


Rex Danger II smiled as he looked at the sketch and then back at his daughter.  "You keep this up, you will need an entire library to store your journals by the time you are my age."


Veronica chuckled slightly as she set her journal back in her lap.  "That would be a nice problem to have."  The teen paused a moment, and then added, "though, I sometimes wonder if there will come a time where I no longer have anything to add to a journal."


This time it was the elder Danger's turn to chuckle.  "Not likely."  He replied.  "Besides Ronnie, you’re a Danger.  Even if you somehow ran out of new destinations here, you would find a way to new discoveries and adventures.  I mean, right now, how many people do you know from how many different dimensions?"


Veronica could not help but laugh again as her father made his point.  "Quite a few."  She admitted. 


Her father smiled.  "Anyway, you still have a long time before you need to worry about dimension hopping.  Right now it is time for staff coordination meeting combined with Christmas dinner down at the main tent."


Veronica nodded as she closed her journal, slipping it into a well-worn backpack that she slung over a shoulder as she got to her feet and started off with her father.

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